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HOLOFIL submits a new patent for HOLOFIL-cardboard

HOLOFIL has submitted a new patent for its soon to be launching consumer product HOLOFIL-cardboard. HOLOFIL-cardboard is designed from grounds up for the consumer focus, with affordability, sustainability, ability to create 3d content as a focus.

In this comparative picture you can see the size difference between our standard sized existing business product HOLOFIL. and HOLOFIL-cardboard. HOLOFIL-cardboard is made of high quality black cardboard material that ships fully flat in design.

It looks almost similar in external appearances from outside but has a fully new design that is created from scratch. It will weigh around 500 grams. Users will place their own mobile phones inside the device to use it and it can accommodate mobile screens of upto 171 cm height. The expected price is going to be around €79 onwards.

Stay tuned for our soon to be arriving Kickstarter crowdfunding. Register with us in case you want to get your hands on the early access discounted prices.


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