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holofil is invited for a talk at Indian embassy event den haag

11th Jan 2024

Mrunal is invited to give a talk as one of the 3 startups at Dutch-India business event by Indian embassy in Den Haag Netherlands.

holofil participates in dmwf marketing exhibition

21st Nov 2023

HOLOFIL is invited to exhibit at DMWF marketing exhibit  in Amsterdam.

holofil participates in edutech europe exhibition

 2nd Oct 2023

HOLOFIL is invited to exhibit at EduTech Europe in Amsterdam.

holofil participates in websummit lisbon as a dutch delegate

 13th Nov 2023

HOLOFIL is a part of 15 startup Dutch cohort at Web Summit Lisbon 2023. 

holofil wins best ar/vr pitch at ifa berlin 

2nd Sept 2023

HOLOFIL is invited to showcase at IFA Berlin and wins AR/VR pitch battle.

holofil gets a 20k euro research grant from dutch govt

15th June-2023

HOOFIL gets a new research grant for feasibility of a new display product. 

HOLOFIL explores indian market for retail focus

15th March-2023

HOLOFIL has tied up with a few partners in Indian market retail exploration.

HOLOFIL gets 20k euro research grant from dutch govt

8th dec-2022

HOLOFIL has been awarded a 20k Euro research grant for its  consumer display HOLOFIL-cardboard. 

HOLOFIL-X app gets featured on

7th Nov -2022

HOLOFIL-X app is featured on See it here. 

holofil to participate in the 3d-body tech conference

Product-pine concept store Amsterdam reseller signed

10th Sept -2022

Product-Pine an online / store reseller from Amsterdam to sell innovative hardware products signedup. 

HOLOFIL-cardboard showcases in maker fair eindhoven

24th Sept -2022

HOLOFIL is selected to showcase in Maker Fair Eindhoven Netherlands on 24th / 25th Sept. 

HOLOFIL-blocks-3d game launched

21st Sept -2022

HOLOFIL blocks 3D game inspired from Android launched on Playstore. 

HOLOFIL-game store launched with android / ios games

10th Aug 2022

iOS versions of the Android games  / apps launched on App store. 

HOLOFIL-cardboard crowdfunding shipping begins

8th Aug -2022

HOLOFIL-cardboard devices shipping begins to the crowdfunding supporters worldwide. 

HOLOFIL-cardboard crowdfunding live on Indiegogo

21st June-2022

HOLOFIL-cardboard launched on Indiegogo crowdfunding and raises ~13k Euros from 142 backers who preorder 127 devices.

HOLOFIL is invited to pitch to Vivatech Paris 2022

5th June-2022

HOLOFIL is invited to pitch to VivaTech 2022 in Paris as one of the six startups to pitch to Richemont luxury retail group.

HOLOFIL-bounce-ball-3d Android game is launched

27th April-2022

HOLOFIL-Bounce-ball 3D game is launched on Android play store. 

HOLOFIL-Snake-3d Android game is launched

23rd March 2022

The first Android game in soon to be launched HOLOFIL-game store is launched, for HOLOFIL-cardboard consumer device.

HOLOFIL files a patent for HOLOFIL-cardboard consumer version

15th Feb 2022

HOLOFIL-cardboard patent is filed after an extensive work on the new to be launched consumer version under €100 .

HOLOFIL attends DMWF 2021 marketing exhibition Amsterdam

23rd Dec 2021

DMWF 2021 Amsterdam invites HOLOFIL for a booth at Amsterdam exhibition. First in almost 2 years since Covid started.

HOLOFIL signs up USa army as a client

15th Dec 2021

US ranger park office orders HOLOFIL devices for their forest fire demos in their facilities at park ranging. 

HOLOFIL resumes work on HOLOFiL-cardboard consumer version

15th Sept 2021

The prototyping work on HOLOFIL-cardboard the consumer version that got postponed due to Covid is resumed.

HOLOFIL does demos in India

15th March 2021

HOLOFIL starts conducting demos in Indian market to test the Indian market. 

HOLOFIL registers new India office

28th Feb 2021

HOLOFIL has registered a new India office to manufacture and sell to the Indian market from India.

HOLOFIL signs up a big New-york based online retailer 

20th July 2020

HOLOFIL signs up a big Newyork based retailer for selling online on their platform. The sales of HOLOFIL on their platform will begin in some months. 

HOLOFIL goes in a pause mode due to COROna Virus lockdown

15th March 2020 to 15th July 2020

HOLOFIL operations halt completely due to Corona Virus lockdown situation. No business activity due to complete closure.

HOLOFIL reseller from Vienna uses HOLOFIL in Vienna event

11th March 2020

ReactImpact, HOLOFIL reseller from Vienna, used HOLOFIL for promoting the energy drink Hakuma in Vienna investor event.

HOLOFIL starts trial period in spar supermarket

7th March 2020

HOLOFIL setups a promotion campaign to promote Iconix energy drink in Spar supermarket in Amsterdam to understand its influence on the customers buying habits. 

HOLOFIL signs up a Jordan based reseller to sell in Jordan

28th Feb 2020

HOLOFIL signs up an agreement with a Jordan based reseller to sell in Jordan market. 

HOLOFIL shows 30% increase in retails sales for retail sales

20th Feb 2020

HOLOFIL showcases 30% retail sales increase by placing retail products such as cakes in HOLOFIL surrounded by mixed reality mode. The Coffee Virus restaurant in Amsterdam boosts its cake sales by 30%.

HOLOFIL signs up renowned animation studio as partner

15th Feb 2020

HOLOFIL signs up Wonderment a renowned animation studio in Amsterdam as a collaboration partner. 

holofil signs up a swiss watch brand as client

15th Jan 2020

A major Swiss brand is signed up as a client for showcasing their Swiss watches and jewelry

holofil-cardboard consumer model announced

15th Jan 2020

HOLOFIL has been working for more than 1 year on developing an affordable consumer model for consumers where

they can use their own mobile phones and an early teaser is launched

holofil gets invitation to participate in the phx amsterdam

6th Sept 2019

HOLOFIL is invited to participate in the PHX Amsterdam un-conference on 25th Sept. 

holofil gets invitation to the DLD-Tel Aviv innovation festival

5th Aug 2019

HOLOFIL is invited to participate in the DLD-Tel Aviv innovation festival by Yossi Vardi the main organizers. 

HOLOFIL makes new connection at Kinnernet venice

5th Aug 2019

HOLOFIL makes a lot of new connections at the Kinnernet Venice unconference where it was invited and presents

HOLOFIL during the Gadgethon event. 

holofil signs a paris based reseller

30 th June 2019

HOLOFIL signs up a Paris based reseller to sell into the French market. 

holofil to participate in the conference lugano

15 th June 2019

HOLOFIL will be showcasing in 3D body tech scanning conference in Lugano Switzerland on 22nd 23rd Oct 2019.

holofil signs a new italian reseller 

10th June 2019

HOLOFIL signs up a new Milan Italian reseller to sell into the Italian market. 

15th May 2019

HOLOFIL founder Mrunal gets invited to H-farm kinnernet conference for selected 200 individuals to discuss innovation.

HOLOFIL gets invited to the prestigious kinnernet venice

HOLOFIL gets selected in top 10 startups in Viva-Tech Paris

1st April 2019

HOLOFIL invited to show-case in top 10 startups from 200 world-wide startups by EDF Discovery in VivaTech Paris 

HOLOFIL gets selected in top 100 in hello-tomorrow in paris

19th Jan 2019

HOLOFIL invited to show-case in top 100 startups from 5000 world-wide to show-case in Hello-tomorrow Paris on 14th-15th March.

HOLOFIL receives massive response at ces 2019 las vegas

9th Jan 2019

HOLOFIL exhibition at CES Las Vegas receives a massive response and draws a lot of interest. 

HOLOFIL launches 3d animation exporter app

1st Jan 2019

An Android 3D model viewer app to export 360 degree turntable 3d animations is launched for smartphones.

tech partner with cosmoprof Italy beauty awards

5th Dec 2018

HOLOFIL signs tech partnership with Cosmoprof, Bologna for the beauty awards experience store of the future between 14th to 18th March 2019. Cosmoprof is the biggest beauty and cosmetics expo in the world. 

HOLOFIL Launches android 3d model viewer app

11th Nov 2018

An Android 3D model viewer app to load and interact with 3d model fbx / obj file formats is launched for smartphones.

holofil in top 10 startups in accenture innovation awards

6th Sept 2018

HOLOFIL marches in the top 10 startups countdown in the Accenture Innovation Awards category. 

holofil in top 25 startups in accenture innovation awards

7th Aug 2018

HOLOFIL marches in the top 25 startups countdown in the Accenture Innovation Awards category. 

holofil signs up a romanian company partnership

5th Aug 2018

HOLOFIL signs up with a Romanian company to partner with for a software configuration tool

holofil gets selected to show-case in CES 2019

29th July 2018

HOLOFIL gets selected to show-case in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas in startup category. 

holofil to showcase in Gitex future stars in Dubai in Oct 18

2nd July 2018

HOLOFIL to exhibit in Gitex Future Stars in Dubai in between 13th-17th October 2018.

HOLOFIL receives a good response at CEBIT 2018

15th June 2018

HOLOFIL receives a good response at CEBIT in Hannover, Germany. 

HOLOFIL gets invited to showcase in tnw 2018 

8th May 2018

HOLOFIL gets invited to showcase in the TNW (The next web) conference on 24th/25th May 2018 in Amsterdam.

HOLOFIL participates in the rising stars in ARVR NL competition

4th May 2018

HOLOFIL participates in the VRAR rising stars competition to chose the 5 hottest startups in AR / VR in the Netherlands

HOLOFIL invited for digitization of retail conference, Vienna

20th March 2018

HOLOFIL is invited as a partner to showcase technology at the "Digitalization of the retail conference" in Vienna, Austria on June 21st 2018. For more check here

great reception at 3dheals conference in San Fransisco

20th April 2018

HOLOFIL participated in the 3dheads medical conference in San Fransisco for applications of 3d printing in healthcare and receives a great response to its demo and pitch. 

HOLOFIL to participate in CEBIT trade show in Germany

24th March 2018

HOLOFIL will be participating as an exhibitor in CEBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany between 11th and 15th June 2018. Meet us there. 

HOLOFIl signs up 5 new international clients in February

28tn Feb 2018

Owing to a massively overwhelming exposure in the International audience at Integrated System's Europe exhibition, HOLOFIL signs up 5 new international clients ranging from Austria, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, South Africa. 

HOLOFIL to participate at integrated systems europe Feb 6th-9th

10th Jan 2018

HOLOFIL to participate in the world's biggest exhibition for audio visual systems at Amsterdam Rai between 6th-9th Feb 2017. Visit us at booth 8-R290 using free registration code 404269.

HOLOFIL @ Uprise startup festival, Dublin

26th October 2017

HOLOFIL had an amazing networking experience at Uprise Startup Festival in Dublin where Mrunal was invited as a mentor.

luxendo joins as a new client

2nd October  2017

Luxendo is a microscopy company from Germany, and they will use HOLOFIL for 3D visualization of their 3D data-sets.

Dr. Niels Nes joins as an adviser

20th September  2017

Dr. Niels Nes who is the head of IT at CWI, Amsterdam and co-founder of successful startups in data management research joins as a technical adviser.

Holofil joins forces with ai (aigency)

20th September  2017

HOLOFIL was used as a 3D visualizer by Aigency, an AI company that proposed AI based solution for beer bottle procurement problem to an international corporate brand. 

holofil at Makers-fair eindhoven

2nd September  2017

HOLOFIL, as one of the products of Science Park Creatives collaboration, will take part at the Makers Fair at Eindhoven , a

2 day event (2nd / 3rd September) celebrating tech + design.  Check also our other projects such as 3D scanned and printed objects, photo-books, through Science Park Creatives booth there. Meet us there.

amsterdam scientific instruments as a new customer

16 th August  2017

Amsterdam Scientific Instrument with their own spectroscopy camera joins as a new customer for visualizing their 3D data sets.

First international shipping to UK customer

9th Aug 2017

HOLOFIL ships its first international order to Edmund Optics , a pioneering multinational optics company's UK office.

Dr.Hans Roeland Poolman joins as an adviser

9th Aug 2017

Dr. Hans Roeland Poolman, CEO of Amsterdam Scientific Instruments joins as an adviser.  Dr. Hans brings his experience both as a seasoned scientist and entrepreneur with business development to the board. Welcome Dr. Hans to the team. 

cwi joins as a new client

30th July 2017

CWI is Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science. HOLOFIL will be used for branding at the reception and to showcase the research groups themes for visitors.

holofil collaborates with preferred-depot to enter Us market

28th July 2017

Preferred Depot helps companies outside the US to enter the US market by providing logistic assistance services in the areas of retail, technology, and medical. HOLOFIL will use the Preferred Depot clients and network to promote HOLOFIL to enter the US market and start selling to the US clients.

edmund-optics joins as a new client

26th July 2017

Edmund Optics is a multinational optics company. It's UK division will be using HOLOFIL for product promotions and in-house marketing purposes. 

my-story installation at red light district

11th July 2017

My-story installs HOLOFIL as a hole in a wall setting as an experiment to attract attention at a store in Red Light District Amsterdam. Check the clients' page for the picture of the installation. 

ACE-Venture Lab joins as new client

11th July 2017

ACE is a science based incubator in Amsterdam. It will use HOLOFIL to show the startup logos under its umbrella in its co-working space at coffee corner for brand visibility. 

holofil collaborates with my-story

2nd May 2017

HOLOFIL to do collaboration with media-content creation company my-story for client collaboration, virtual reality content promotion.

holofil showcase at event at vrijburcht

9th April 2017

HOLOFIL will show-case the product to home users at the 10 year celebration event at Vrijburcht at Ijburg in Amsterdam. 

holofil welcomes cow museum

March 2017

HOLOFIL welcomes Cow Museum, an unique shop in the city center Amsterdam as their first customer.

holofil trademark is granted

March 2017

HOLOFIL trademark is  granted to Artosci, the parent company.

holofil moves in its office at amsterdam science park from cwi

January 2017

HOLOFIL gets its own office space at startupvillage, Amsterdam on Amsterdam Science Park campus and moves from the office space at CWI, Amsterdam.

artosci, the company is registered in amsterdam

July 2016

The company "Artosci" is registered in Dutch Chamber of Commerce with KVK number 66512050.

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