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HOLOFIL for business

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holofil holographic display

HOLOFIL is a tabletop portable Android based 3D projection display for businesses, that simulates mesmerizing 3D visual experiences which *feel* like holograms.  3D media is projected from the top of the display on the specially coated optical glass below to create the simulation of a floating image inside the display. Our displays have incredibly great optical quality due to the special design of the casing with the curved backdrop, unique materials, very finely tuned glass coatings, special tablets and the resulting optical environment including internal controllable ambient light. We control end to end quality.

You can interact with it using Bluetooth controller that is offered as a separate interactive package / face tracking / gestures / other means. We can simulate real time 3D using our interactive apps and face tracking showing different view of 3D model as face moves. Similarly hand gestures can be programmed to control 3D model interactions. Many games / apps that are designed for our consumer display HOLOFIL-cardboard can also be played on this business device. Check the 
game-store for the links to install. You can create your own customized interactive solutions with the device further or work with us for such interactive customizations. It's a platform with endless possibilities for creative solutions. 

Holofil hologram display

Real photograph

tech specs

case Material - Black matte finish Acrylic 

Projection screen - Special coated glass 

display video system - Android 

Illumination - 2 LED modules 

dimmer- LED dimmer

power - 12 v 2A DC adapter for LED backlight

power -  5V 2A DC adapter for tablet charging

Display -
HOLOFIL -   10 inch HD (2GB RAM / 16 GB ROM)
HOLOFIL - pro - 13 inch (Please inquire with us)

Data Connectivity - USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Field of view angle - 40 degrees 

HOLOFIL  uses special projection technique with plenty of smart design choices, special optics on glass, and material improvements,  with an unique trademarked product design.


Dimensions - Sized to fit in your interior decor

HOLOFIL -  4.5 kgs (fits in carry on bag)
HOLOFIL - Pro - Please inquire with us

portable - Easily fits in a carry on luggage 

Strength - Acrylic (Plexiglass) is 20 times stronger than the normal glass

Android - Open platform for app development

Automated - Completely automated with auto power on / off at specific schedules

interactivity - Wireless / touch-free / Bluetooth interactivity possible

limited warranty

1 years on the electronic components. No warranty for physical damage of the casing or the special glass.

Prices (ex-vat)

holofil - buy

base package - (Includes power adapter, 9.7 in HD Android tablet, LED dimmer, USB power converter which are components of the device) -  699

3d text software package Base package + The software package to create 3D text animations - 749

interactive package- Base package + Bluetooth controller for remote interactivity + interactivity software  - 899

custom content- Base package + custom content creation - Costs vary based on the complexity of the content

packing / shipping

 55 euros (Within EU),  90 euros (outside EU)

holofil - rent

99 euros per day, 799 euros refundable deposit for the base package. (Comes in sturdy plastic carrying case) .

Content creation costs are based on the requirements.

 Free if picked up from the office. 30 Euros within Netherlands


face-tracking package- Interactive package + face interactivity software  - 999

holofil models comparison

holofil holographic display

 The product images and the dimensions are for general illustrations only and may differ from the actual physical product.

HOLOFIL-Pro is available only for bulk orders of 10 devices and above. 


Customized wooden finish options for exteriors are available at a customized price quote. Please inquire with us. 

Comparison with the competition


LED holographic fans

  • Most affordable ones are very low resolution (640 x 480)

  • Generates constant humming noise due to high speed rotating blades

  • Physical injury due to rotating blades possible. Hence, needs extra protection and care

  • Best suitable for installation at heights such as ceilings.

  • Can not be placed on the tables or tabletops easily for close interaction

  • Can not interact with the content (non-interactive) 

  • High resolution fans are three times more expensive

  • Can not combine it with physical objects to create mixed reality experience 


Holographic pyramids

  • Three times more expensive

  • 4 times heavier

  • bulky design

  • Proprietary operating systems

  • Lack of easy extensibility as a platform

  • Needs expensive flight case for transportation


lenticular displays

  • Low resolution

  • Needs external extra computer with graphics card to drive the graphics

  • Solid glass display hence can't be used as a mixed reality display by combining physical objects with virtual content for product promotions. 

  • Too high reflectivity in bright indoor environments

  • Very expensive ($3000 to $6000) for bigger sizes with built in computer.

lenticular / lightfield displays fundamental principle


Are modern lightfield displays really that innovative?


accessories (ex-vat)

Accessories are not a part of the basic hardware setup and are charged extra.

auto power cut off timer-  Euro 12

  • Multiple programmable timer modes

  • LCD display

  • It is possible to program in blocks (Mon-Fri, Mon-Sat, Sat-Sun, Mon-Sun)

  • Backup supply via built-in battery


Bluetooth controller- euro 15

  • Use to operate the device to control remotely

  • Use to operate with interactive app

  • Use to operate for playing interactive games

packaging + shipment handling (20 euros - ex-vat)

Shipment size (outer box) - 45 x 45 x 40 cm,   Shipment weight - 5.5 kgs

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