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HOLOFIL for businesses

tech specs

case Material - Black matte finish Acrylic 

Projection screen - Special coated glass 

display video system - Android 

Illumination - 2 LED modules 

dimmer- LED dimmer

power - 12 v 2A DC adapter for LED backlight

power -  5V 2A DC adapter for tablet charging

Display -
HOLOFIL -   10 inch HD (2GB RAM / 16 GB ROM)
HOLOFIL - pro - 13 inch (Please inquire with us)

Data Connectivity - USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Field of view angle - 40 degrees 

HOLOFIL  uses special projection technique with plenty of smart design choices, special optics on glass, and material improvements,  with an unique trademarked product design.


Dimensions - Sized to fit in your interior decor

HOLOFIL -  4.5 kgs (fits in carry on bag)
HOLOFIL - Pro - Please inquire with us

portable - Easily fits in a carry on luggage 

Strength - Acrylic (Plexiglass) is 20 times stronger than the normal glass

Android - Open platform for app development

Automated - Completely automated with auto power on / off at specific schedules

interactivity - Wireless / touch-free / Bluetooth interactivity possible

limited warranty

1 years on the electronic components. No warranty for physical damage of the casing or the special glass.

Prices (ex-vat)

holofil - buy

base package - (Includes power adapter, 9.7 in HD Android tablet, LED dimmer, USB power converter which are components of the device) -  699

3d text software package Base package + The software package to create 3D text animations - 799

interactive package- Base package + Bluetooth controller for remote interactivity + interactivity software  - 849

custom content- Base package + custom content creation - Costs vary based on the complexity of the content

packing / shipping

packing + handling - 20 euros (See pictures below)

Shipping - 35 euros (Within EU),  75 euros (outside EU)

holofil - rent

75 euros per day, 799 euros refundable deposit for the base package. (Comes in sturdy plastic carrying case) .

Content creation costs are based on the requirements.

shipping - Free if picked up from the office.

holofil models comparison


 The product images and the dimensions are for general illustrations only and may differ from the actual physical product.

HOLOFIL-Pro is available only for bulk orders of 10 devices and above. 


Customized wooden finish options for exteriors are available at a customized price quote. Please inquire with us. 

accessories (ex-vat)

Accessories are not a part of the basic hardware setup and are charged extra.

Comparison with the competition


LED holographic fans

  • Most affordable ones are very low resolution (640 x 480)

  • Generates constant humming noise due to high speed rotating blades

  • Physical injury due to rotating blades possible. Hence, needs extra protection and care

  • Best suitable for installation at heights such as ceilings.

  • Can not be placed on the tables or tabletops easily for close interaction

  • Can not interact with the content (non-interactive) 

  • High resolution fans are three times more expensive

  • Can not combine it with physical objects to create mixed reality experience 


Holographic pyramids

  • Three times more expensive

  • 4 times heavier

  • bulky design

  • Proprietary operating systems

  • Lack of easy extensibility as a platform

  • Needs expensive flight case for transportation


volumetric displays

  • Low resolution

  • Needs external extra computer with graphics card to drive the graphics

  • Solid glass display hence can't be used as a mixed reality display by combining physical objects with virtual content for product promotions. 

  • Too high reflectivity in bright indoor environments

  • Very expensive ($3000 to $6000) for bigger sizes with built in computer.

auto power cut off timer-  Euro 12

  • Multiple programmable timer modes

  • LCD display

  • It is possible to program in blocks (Mon-Fri, Mon-Sat, Sat-Sun, Mon-Sun)

  • Backup supply via built-in battery


Bluetooth controller- euro 15

  • Use to operate the device to control remotely

  • Use to operate with interactive app

  • Use to operate for playing interactive games

packaging + shipment handling (20 euros - ex-vat)

Shipment size (outer box) - 45 x 45 x 40 cm,   Shipment weight - 5.5 kgs

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