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Holographic gaming in HOLOFIL

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Recently we tried an exciting new experiment where we decided to create some interactive demo prototype games using Bluetooth controller in HOLOFIL.

See below an example of the same where the hunter is hunting chickens in a landscape where the plants and flowers are real as they are placed inside the device to create a mixed reality environment. This is shot on a test demo device just for test demo purpose only.

This sample demo game is created in Unity game engine using Bluetooth interactivity. This opens up a range of possibilities to create interesting interactive gratification experiences where brands can use a variety of experiences to engage their end users in public places such as events, demos, exhibitions, receptions etc to create unique gamified branding experiences.

You can also use this to create interesting arcade types of 3D games which are charged for each play session and earn money by letting people play with them. There are a range of interesting gaming experiences that can be created using HOLOFIL mixed reality setup where you place physical objects inside for players to move around and interact with further.

In the longer run we can use this as a gaming platform where players submit their games and users can simply install them on this and start playing in their individual devices. This opens up a range of possibilities further. So like a gaming marketplace to be used with HOLOFIL devices specifically.

Mixed reality based gaming setup seems a very enticing idea that can be used in HOLOFIL for creating a range of amazing experiences for educational and training purposes. You can either use Unity or Unreal game engine to build these games further.

Looking forward for more such amazing use cases for HOLOFIL further. Let us know if you have more in your mind ....

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