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create 3d avatars animations with mixamo & HOLOFIL

In BETA mode - More coming soon

Are you interested to create fun 3D animations of human avatars from scratch and animate them for various pre-templated actions? Here you learn how to do it easily.

Sequence workflow to create 3D human character animations
Adobe fuse 3D character model making tutorial

Adobe Fuse is a 3D character model making software using drag and drop easy process from a template of different body parts and dress accessories. Adobe discontinued this software a few years ago, and official versions of this software is available to download from the link mentioned above for both Windows and Mac platforms. In the tutorial below we explain in brief workflow for a simple model generation that can afterwards be used in Mixamo online to animate as a FBX file format model. 

Mixamo character 3D model animation export tutorial

Mixamo is an Adobe software that allows uploading of FBX, Obj, format 3D character models and provide a pre-templated animation styles that can be used to animated human models and export in FBX 3D model formats that have embedded animations in them. These models then can be imported in HOLOFIL app to export mp4 animations for different use cases including Augmented Reality, mobile displays, or HOLOFIL hardware displays. Keep in mind, the model used in this tutorial is different than the model created in the previous Adobe Fuse tutorial video to show two different models in use. 

HOLOFIL AR Android app with FBX / GLB animation support launching soon. Stay tuned.
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