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HOLOFIL Game-store

HOLOFIL app /game store has been launched and offers a range of consumer focused 3D content creation apps / 3D games that are specially designed for HOLOFIL-cardboard, our consumer focused product, but can as well be used for our business devices HOLOFIL by the business users. The plan is to release 15 casual games / academic apps with the schedule of around 1 game per 2.5 month. 

The 3D apps allow ability to create 3D content that can be further used in our products. The 3D games can be installed on your personal mobiles and used interactively with a Bluetooth controller that comes with our product for direct engagement with HOLOFIL-cardboard. You can use these same games on your mobile to play with regular touch interface as well. Give it a try. 

NOTE CAREFULLY from below the sequence to pair the Android and iOS mobiles, as they have different starting steps.

3D design basics for kids

3d for kids in holofil holographic mobile


Holofil snake 3d game _ casual games _ snake 3d _ holographic games _ 3d games
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