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What's the future of OLED flexible display in luxury fashion? Louis Vuitton fashion tech future.

These were some futuristic products on display at Louis Vuitton booth during 2019 Viva technology Paris startup exhibition where HOLOFIL also exhibited. Flexible OLED display embedded in the luxury purses.

OLED display prices continue to stay very high as only a few handful of OEMs like Samsung control their production unlike LCD displays.

The battery tech is critical to pack more power in small density with new materials research to be able to have many future products that can take advantage of advances in display tech such as flexible display embedded in fabrics/ products etc.

OLED display is a revolutionary technology as it produces super thin displays with deep blacks because unlike LCD displays now each pixel can be individually switched on / off to control it. OLED displays when used in HOLOFIL can provide a much better visual experience compared to LCD displays, as LCD displays always have a backlight, which makes it impossible to produce deep blacks.


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