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3D design hologram display platform for kids/students



Crowdfunded on Indiegogo to raise €15k


Hundreds of devices ordered

Works with iOS / Android phones

inspire kids /students  to self-learn than through workshops

Press left button and drag around mouse to move the 3D model


Do you want to inspire kids / students creativity in digital learning? What a better way than exposing them to 3D design learning ecosystem.HOLOFIL-cardboard our consumer display visualizes the 3D assets created by your kid in various simple kids 3d software. The 3D assets could be simple 3D models, 3D animations, 3D games. HOLOFIL-cardboard helps your kids creativity come to life by providing a simple smart phone visualization platform, the way 3D printer does it by physically printing (CAD for kids).  


HOLOFIL-cardboard offers a range of creative options to trigger kids / students creative spirit to keep them motivated to learn more complex challenges. It was launched on Indiegogo crowdfunding in Aug 2022 to raise $15k by 150 supporters organically and since have sold many hundreds of units worldwide, bought by parents mostly for their kids. It has its own apps / animations / casual 3D games / learning framework ecosystem, further to help kids use it as an engagement device further. More will arrive as the community grows. Join us in creating a community to empower your kids in 3D learning. 

Why should kids/students learn 3d design ?

Why use holofil for kid's / student's 3d learning?

3d design software for kids -tinkercad
by autodesk

TinkerCAD offers a range of simple 3D design tools that kids can start learning to work in the 3D ecosystem. The 3D models then can be exported as 3D model files and then used in HOLOFIL-X app to animate and use in HOLOFIL-cardboard. 

tinkercad 3d for kids in holofil holographic mobile
tinkercad 3d for kids in holofil holographic mobile
HOLOFIL TinkerCAD basic tutorial

HOLOFIL TinkerCAD basic tutorial

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HOLOFIL-X 3D model viewer & animation exporter

HOLOFIL-X Android app allows importing of existing 3D models in different file formats such as obj, fbx, stl, etc. and interact with it. It allows simple 360 degree turntable 3D animations that can be exported after a preview for a small fee of 50 cents each in various resolutions.