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HOLOFIL projects 3D model animations played on your smartphone in an highly tuned optical setting in the device to create the illusion of a floating object (like a hologram). The 3D animations need to be always on a black background and are played in any regular video player in mp4 file format (We recommend MXplayer). You can create these 3D model animations with different ways. We explain a few simple ways below. 

Create 3D models using your new age iPhones / android phones 


New generation phones such as iPhones or even some Android phones come equipped with 3D cameras , LIDAR sensors that allow you to use your phone and take multiple photos / 3D scan to make a 3D model using apps from the Appstore or Android Playstore. 

Search for suitable 3D scanning software such as "3D face scan", "3D scan" in Appstore / Playstore to find them and try them to create 3D models. Export the 3d model on your phone. Now animate these 3D models using HOLOFIL-X app by importing first and exporting as mp4 turntable animation (explained further). Use these 3D animations in HOLOFIL devices to create simulated holographic visualizations.