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HOLOFIL projects 3D model animations played on your smartphone in an highly tuned optical setting in the device to create the illusion of a floating object (like a hologram). The 3D animations need to be always on a black background and are played in any regular video player in mp4 file format (We recommend MXplayer). You can create these 3D model animations with different ways. We explain a few simple ways below. 

Create 3D models using your new age iPhones / android phones 


New generation phones such as iPhones or even some Android phones come equipped with 3D cameras , LIDAR sensors that allow you to use your phone and take multiple photos / 3D scan to make a 3D model using apps from the Appstore or Android Playstore. 

Search for suitable 3D scanning software such as "3D face scan", "3D scan" in Appstore / Playstore to find them and try them to create 3D models. Export the 3d model on your phone. Now animate these 3D models using HOLOFIL-X app by importing first and exporting as mp4 turntable animation (explained further). Use these 3D animations in HOLOFIL devices to create simulated holographic visualizations.  

3d scanned animated model (1)
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Use FREE 3D models from internet to create 3D animations

Create simple 3D animations using holofil-X 3d animation exporter app



Android smartphone app

3d animation exporter

Screenshot_20181111-132653_HOLOFIL X.jpg

Now use the free Android 3D model viewer app to interact with your 3D models on smartphones with a touch interface. Load models in fbx, obj, stl, 3ds, ply, dae format and control their movement, rotation, animation, lighting, and background canvas color.
In the paid version (Euro 2.99) you can also export 360 degree turntable animations in various resolutions in mp4 format. Use 3D models to create the content that can be used directly in HOLOFIL or for other generic use cases. 



Use prisma3d app for simple 3d modelling and animations

Screenshot (916).jpg

learn simple ways to create 3D models using Tinkercad (1).png

Visit some tutorials for kids to work with simple free 3D softwares for kids like TinkerCAD to create simple 3D models. 

pixcap 3d animation web program

Pixcap is an online program that allows importing / using existing 3D models and do different 3D animations in quick steps using easy processes. See some sample learning tutorials below for example for basic interface and 3d object animation export as mp4 video, or for 3D avtaar animation that you can do by uploading your photo and creating an avtaar 3d model and then animating it. Search for more tutorials on usage on Youtube further. 

In the tutorials below create some basic character animations where in the end you can export a video file that you can then play in HOLOFIL to visualize it like a hologram. See the first tutorial below to get the basics first before watching the next two tutorials.