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77 Euros (ex-vat / ex-shipping)

holofil hologram mobile display for consumers


Crowdfunded on Indiegogo to raise €15k


Hundreds of devices ordered

Works with both iOS / Android phones

What is HOLOFIL-cardboard?

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HOLOFIL-cardboard is a tabletop portable mobile based consumer hologram mobile display that simulates mesmerizing 3D visual experiences that *feel* like holograms.  Project your smart phone with 3D content in HOLOFIL-cardboard to enjoy simulated holographic visual experiences with a great user engagement. 

HOLOFIL-cardboard uses a specially researched and designed high end casing along with specially created optical glass with multiple special optical coatings and in display backlight, that creates a perfect optical environment. You interact with it using Bluetooth controller that is part of the package and many games / apps that comes with it for both Android / iPhone. Check the
game-store for the links to install. 

Why HOLOFIL-cardboard?

3d design for kids.jpg

Two research grants worth €20k each from Dutch govt (2022, 2023)

HOLOFIL-cardboard Introduction video

HOLOFIL-cardboard Introduction video

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HOLOFIL is a 3D projection display allowing physical + virtual combination, with an insane optical quality and software content support, for the price on offer. Give it a try.


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Introduce kids to 3D design tools ecosystem


If you like LEGOs, there are equivalent of 3D design learning tools for kids in the 3D world. Take an example of

TinkerCAD from AUTODESK. There are more such softwares that expose kids to basics of 3D design and then

they can create their own 3D data to be used with HOLOFIL-cardboard to visualize it in a more fun way. Check out our extensive coverage of the related material by visiting our dedicated section for 3D for kids. 

Use it as a testbed for Unity 3D gaming using our existing games as a benchmark. 

Revisit childhood fun with 3D casual arcade gaming

We have launched a 3D casual games store to be used with HOLOFIL-cardboard and 4 games and 2 apps are already released while a total of 15 games / apps are in pipeline with one release every few months. The aim is to recreate the 3D casual versions of many classic childhood arcade games that we played in the 90s.