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77 Euros (ex-vat / ex-shipping)

HOLOFIL for consumers 

holofil cardboard holographic mobile display

Crowdfunded on Indiegogo to raise €15k

150 orders



77 Euros (ex-vat / ex-shipping)

What is HOLOFIL-cardboard?


HOLOFIL-cardboard is a tabletop portable mobile based consumer device that simulates mesmerizing 3D visual experiences that *feel* like holograms.  Place your smart phone with 3D content in HOLOFIL-cardboard to enjoy simulated holographic visual experiences with a great user engagement.  HOLOFIL-cardboard uses a very strong specially researched and designed high end cardboard casing along with specially created optical glass with multiple special optical coatings and in display backlight, that creates a perfect optical environment. You interact with it using Bluetooth controller that is part of the package and many games / apps that comes with it for both Android / iPhone. Check the game-store for the links to install. 

Why HOLOFIL-cardboard?

holofil holographic mobile display

Two research grants worth €20k each from Dutch govt (2022, 2023)

HOLOFIL-cardboard Introduction video

HOLOFIL-cardboard Introduction video

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HOLOFIL is not a light-field display (yet), but we are the best in our category of 3D projection displays allowing physical + virtual combination, with an insane optical quality and software content support, for the price on offer. Give it a try.

Cherish memories with 2D to 3D Photo frames 

Want to take a look at your 2D images lying in your smart phones in a visually stunning new 3D ways? Convert your 2d images in 3d photo frames using HOLOFIL-photo app and then animate these photo frames 3D models using HOLOFIL-X app to visualize in HOLOFIL-cardboard.