Arriving on crowdfunding soon

HOLOFIL-Snake-3D game


HOLOFIL-cardboard is a patent pending 3D holographic display product where you can play 3D holographic games and use many other applications such as 3D photo frame, Youtube viewing, 3D visualizations for your avtaars, 3d design for kids, and many more. A huge emphasis will be to introduce kids to 3D design tools for simple 3D elements in software's for the creative learning. Think about it like digital Legos in the 3D space. Expected to cost around €79 onwards it is the consumer version of our standard business device HOLOFIL about which you can find more information on this website. 


We have launched a 3D games store to be used with HOLOFIL-cardboard and 2 games are already released while a total of 15 games / apps are in pipeline with one release per month. See the game store here


HOLOFIL-cardboard is going to be launched on Kickstarter / Indiegogo crowdfunding soon. Below is a gaming focused use case, and on the campaign page we will describe many other use cases in detail. 



Our first Android mobile 3D game "Holofil-snake-3D" is out on the Android play store.  You can play it like a regular mobile game with touch, or place the mobile in HOLOFIL-cardboard

to play remotely with Bluetooth controller in Holographic mode. For more games check our game store here where we will release 1 game per month in the coming months designed exclusively for HOLOFIL-cardboard. Two games have been already released. 

Appstore iOS release coming soon

Win a free holofil-cardboard device


Now up-to 3 winners can win a free HOLOFIL-cardboard device during our crowdfunding launch just by playing the HOLOFIL-Snake-3D game on their Android mobiles. The launch is scheduled early May 2022 and the devices will be delivered to the winners even before official campaign finishes by the end of the May 2022. 

Just install the HOLOFIL-Snake-3D game on your mobile from playstore and start playing. Once you are comfortable playing at level 1, if you can score above score 325 in a single game play, and show us the proof of it in terms of the screen-recording of the entire game play video, we will give you a FREE HOLOFIL-CARDBOARD during the upcoming kickstarter crowdfunding launch. You can see the gameplay in the video above and how score is made. 

So get set ready, install and start playing now. 

Appstore iOS release coming soon