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HOLOFIL business device has extra software apps that can be installed on the Android system, which comes preloaded if you purchase these extra software features (such as Bluetooth interactivity, Face tracking interactivity). Below we briefly describe each of these features that allow interactions with 3D models loaded in the app. 

If you want to build more interactive apps you can do it yourself given this is an Android based system and you can use Unity game engine, unreal game engine to build your own interactions, or approach us to build customized interactivity solutions including gesture tracking, touch screen interactivity, and various other types including Computer Vision based interactions.

Our aim is to offer HOLOFIL as a platform able to do a variety of possibilities. Your creativity is the limit. 

holofil bluetooth android interactive version app

The device comes preinstalled with our Android interactive app in this version. You can load your 3D models in the Android app and further use the Bluetooth gamepad controller to interact with your 3D models. Load models in fbx, obj, stl, etc format and control their movement, rotation, animation, lighting, and using the controller. 

face tracking interactivity app 

This app allows face tracking of 3D models in addition to Bluetooth gamepad interaction. As you move in front of the device, the 3D model inside turns around to show you different sides of it in a seamless 3D experience way. This is similar to volumetric exploration where as you move you see different sides of 3D model, but is limited to a single person view, as we can track only a single face.

Build interactive blue-tooth games 

You can build simple fun interactive games using game engines such as Unity, Unreal to create simple fun interactive Bluetooth gamepad controlled games. Use them in a mixed reality setup like the shooting chicken game below in our test lab demo setup where the plants inside are real while the chickens and the hunter is virtual. 

Visit our existing 3D casual games to install on your mobile / tablets and play. Check them here. 

non-interactive content

In the non-interactive mode, the visualization content is 3d modeled animations that are exported in mp4 format and played in a looped manner as a show-reel. If you know how to do 3d modeling / animations, you can create the content yourself. The content can be created in 3D modeling and animation softwares such as 3D studio max, maya, cinema4d, blender, keyshot, adobe creative suit (illustrator, after effects etc).

We also offer our own in-house Android app that allows export of simple 3D model 360 degree rotation animation when you upload 3D models to it. See below for more.

We also offer a 3D text animation software that allows only 3D text animation as can be seen in our shop page. 

interactive content

In the interactive mode, the 3d models are loaded in an android app that is bluetooth controlled using a controller to allow rotation, movements, zoom actions. You can load any 3d model in FBX, OBJ, DAE, 3DS, PLY  format with sufficiently high poly count based on the hardware support to interact in the HOLOFIL device. If the model does not load, chances are the poly-count is way higher, then reduce it and load the model again.

There is also a face tracking interactive version for 3D model interaction as shown below. 

You can also build interactive games that can be played with Bluetooth controllers by creating mixed reality setups suitable for your brand promotions. 

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