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Tupac Hologram - Do real holographic solutions like Iron Man hologram exists or are feasible?

Updated: Mar 5

When people watch Iron man movies they feel excited by the possibilities of the Holograms. An important question to ask is, can such holograms actually exist in real life? Many might remember Tupac hologram many years ago. Was that a real hologram? In this post we try to offer answers to some of these questions such as what is the reality of Iron man holograms or Tupac holograms.

tupca hologram iron man hologram

Light can not be made to stop in air at a point unless there is some medium to reflect it back from. All of us see things because objects reflect light and when it enters our eyes we perceive the object reflecting the light. So the kind of holograms that are shown in the movies like Iron man are still a distant dream because there still exist no commercial solution that can throw light in air and make it stop mid air like shown in movies. What however exists are make shift solutions that are made to feel like holograms.

Our display Holofil also uses a projection principle to create a highly tuned special effect. Tupac hologram also had same principle to do projection on a 45 degree angle highly tuned optical surface, such that the resulting projection reflection appears suspended in the air. The quality of optical coatings, materials that are used for this projection surface can vary from glass, mesh, acrylic, and other materials. The quality of the final visualization is a direct result of the quality of the material used and the projection media. HOLOFIL has an incredible optical quality due to various scientifically designed choices.

Almost no company that sells commercial solutions titled "Hologram" actually are technically the classic holograms at the moment. If you want to understand different techniques used to create hologram illusions, please check this post by us as well.

The classic RGB laser holograms are incredibly difficult to get right in the motion picture category and mostly what exists are static holograms. Almost all technical holograms solutions are still in early research phase and not commercial yet and very difficult still.

Almost all commercial solutions in the market that call themselves holographic solutions are some sort of 3D illusions created by some projection technology using either the traditional approaches of semi transparent mirrors/ lenticular lenses / or near eye real time 3d projections on special projection materials.

The important point being you still need some projection materials to bounce off the light unlike what you see in Iron Man Movie holograms suspended in thin air.

The massive PR and hype is how the technology marketers make you believe in the terms suitable to sell their solutions.


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