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How can I use holofil?

Holofil creates a simulated 3D visualization experience that is much more engaging and appealing than 2D visualization experience seen around everyday. It works amazingly well to catch attention of people surrounding it to promote a visual concept. It's up-to the creative in you to identify its potential in your business / home / education / other settings to create a unique user experience. Our team will help you to identify and create that unique experience for your setting.

HOLOFIL-cardboard is our latest affordable consumer product compared to our more expensive HOLOFIL business displays. HOLOFIL-cardboard comes with many 3D arcade games / apps for you to install on your mobile to play with the device with a controller that ships with the product. See more on product page. 

Do I wear holofil on my head?

Holofil is not a head mounted display and you *do not* wear it on your head to see the simulated 3D visualizations. It is positioned on a flat surface and viewed from a distance like a TV screen. 

how do I position holofil?

Holofil's positioning depends on the surroundings in which it is used. However, a general rule of thumb is the device should be placed on a flat surface such that the front screen is visible clearly at the height of viewing. The angle of viewing field is around 45 degree from the front. 



1. For Business related use cases it is recommended to position it on a flat surface such as a table, at an average person's viewing height when standing, such that customers can see visualization in it, while moving around in a store, waiting in queues for payments, order placement, etc. Display windows is a great place for its placement so that passerby people can see it and stop to notice your store. 


2. Home users can place it the living room on table surfaces such that the viewing height matches when sitting on chairs, sofas, etc.


3. In school settings, it could be placed on a table such that students can see its viewing surface while sitting on their desks. 

How much does holofil cost?

The price differs a lot depending on the use-case. The base package  starts at 699 euros (ex-vat) and there are more packages. You can check more packages on our web-shop. Please contact us at to initiate the dialogue to understand the entire process. It is very much affordable, as affordability is one of our main aims. 

is holofil available in different sizes?

At the moment we have two sizes available as shown on the Specs page. HOLOFIL-Pro is made only on customer orders while the standard size is always available immediately. Please see the specs page for the comparison. We have also launched a super affordable consumer version, HOLOFIL-cardboard, that is super compact and works with your mobile. Check it here

Can custom content be played in holofil?

Yes. You can play your own content built by you or somebody else that knows how to build 3D animation content in HOLOFIL. You can also build lot of simple 3D animation content using our 3D animation export app, that allows importing of simple 3D models available on Internet for free and export a 360 degree turntable animation. Check it here

We also content creation services at affordable rates, so please inquire with us about your requirements.

Is holofil a virtual / augmented reality player?

Holofil could be used as a augmented / mixed reality player by making virtual objects and physical objects interact in unique ways. The design of Holofil allows placement of physical objects inside the box such that these physical objects can be made to  interact with the surrounding 3D visualizations to create a unique story. This allows it to be used a product promotion device where your products are placed inside and projection mapped content is created around it. This works really well. Check this demo preview where the car is a real scale model car surrounded by 3D content. 

is there a warranty?

Yes, we offer a conditional 12 months warranty that covers manufacturing defects and electronics malfunctioning. 

can I get holofil shipped internationally?

Yes of course. Most of our clients are international.  See the prices and the shipping rates on our web-shop. 

can holofil be customized to suit my interior?

Yes. We have the highest in class Black Matte finish plexiglass as a standard material. We offer a couple of different wooden coating options on the existing black body for an extra customized price as per the customer requirements. 

how is content for holofil created?

HOLOFIL uses 3D animations or raw 3D models that are created in 3D modelling softwares such as 3D studio max, Maya, Cinema4d, Keyshot, etc. Please read this blog post to get more details about 3d content creation process summary

Can I interact with holofil?

Yes, HOLOFIL works in two modes non-interactive and interactive mode. In the non-interactive mode you see only the 3d visualizations without interacting with them. In the interactive mode you use a bluetooth controller to control the 3D models that you can load into HOLOFIL and control its movement, rotation, lighting, animation sequence etc. Check this preview

Recently we also introduced face tracking mode volumetric mode where the 3D models turn as you change your position to show you the other side of the 3D model facing you.

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