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Sales & Marketing intern

1.Strategy and business development

2. Identify vertical areas to grow and strategize

3. Social media, in person marketing

4. Identifying different methods to generate sales leads


5.  Working with existing sales team to understand the feedback to improvise the business development methodologies

6.  Do demos, talks, participate in growth strategy for sales

7. Working with the founders for in-depth discussion on the day to day operations for improvisation of the sales and marketing process

Animation intern

1. 3D modelling using modelling softwares such as 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D, Solidworks, Maya, etc.


2. Animation (texturing, lighting, camera movements, after effects) using sofwares such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe Creative Suit (Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop), Keyshot, etc.  


3. Ability to conceptualize a story based on different themes, based on user requirements.


4. Come up with new themes for animation combining different existing animation techniques.  

Unity / software engineering intern

1.Working knowledge of Unity game engine.

2. Software programming skills.

3. Interest / willingness to experiment and learn point cloud, depth camera, computer vision technologies.

4. Basic knowledge / interest of 3D ecosystem including 3D modeling and related aspects. 

5. Android development experience. 

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