• Dr. Mrunal Gawade

    Founder & CEO

    Mrunal has a PhD in Computer Science from CWI, Amsterdam. He has a Masters in Computer Science from University of California at Santa Cruz, USA in Silicon Valley. During his experience of 14 years, he has been involved in different startups,entrepreneurial,academic, and artistic activities including founding of the community platform ScienceParkCreatives. Devgad-photography is a photo-project he did recently. More here www.mrunalg.com

  • Najar
    Najar Nair

    Sales consultant

    Najar is a seasoned Sales and Marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. He has a Master's in Business Administration from Anna University, India. He has an expertise at conceptualizing and integrating innovative marketing solutions.

  • Jacky
    Jacky Lai

    3D generalist artist

    Jacky is a student at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin. He is pursuing his Masters degree in International Media and Computing, a multidisciplinary course of studies which puts an emphasis on computer science in the fields of interactive media. Besides new trends in the tech industry, Jacky has also a strong interest in art, design, and games.

  • 7Q5B1675.jpg
    Alexis Delforges

    software engineering consultant

    Alexis Delforges is an apprentice at Orange and a student at IMT Atlantique, a engineering school near Nantes, France. 

    His apprenticeship and school are focused on crafting pieces of code in every languages, in every environment. Yet his interest is the mixed reality field, from VR apps, AR Poc's to depth sensors live streaming. 

  • David Holz

    3d animation and unity development artist

    David is a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin Germany, studying International Media and Computing. He's interested in Design, Animation, and Games. One day he wants to work as a freelancer, which can offer a wide range of experiences to take on all sorts of tasks in areas of his interests.

  • Thomas Vlek

    Product designer

     Thomas is an animator, web-designer, and product designer. He has a bachelors in product design from Hogeschool van Amsterdam. He is founder of ProductReflex, a 3D visualization design studio.  

  • Duc
    Dr. Pham Min Duc

    early prototyper

    Duc has a PhD in Computer Science from CWI, Amsterdam. He has a Master's in Computer Science from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He was involved in various early prototype and  usability feasibility 

    related activities. 


  • Erik Boer
    Eric Boer


    Erik Boer is the founder of Venture Labs and director of Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE Venture Labs). ACE Venture Lab is an Amsterdam based incubator located at Amsterdam Science Park Campus at the Startup Village. Erik is on the board of directors of many organizations. He has a major in Political Science from VU university Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam.

  • Niels Nes
    Dr. Niels Nes


    Niels is the head of IT at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI). He is a co-founder of successful startups in data management research from CWI, namely, MonetDB Solutions, and Actian Vectorwise. He is the lead architect and developer of the SQL front-end stack of MonetDB, the open-source columnar database from CWI database research group. 

  • Hens Poolman
    Dr. Hans Roeland Poolman


    Dr. Hans Roeland Poolman is the CEO of Amsterdam Scientific Instruments and Omics2Image. His scientific background is focused on subatomic physics. He is co-founder and managing director of several high tech start-ups. These companies are closely related due to their commercialization of timepix detector technology and the synergies they create due to shared operations at the Science Park in Amsterdam. Dr. Hans brings his experience both as a seasoned scientist and an entrepreneur to the team.

  • 7Q5B1963.JPG
    Michel Guichard

    Financial adviser

    Michel is a seasoned financial adviser and mentor who has lived and worked in France, Spain, Thailand, USA and currently living in the Netherlands. He has long experiences as group CFO in mid-sized independent entities or in corporate roles. He also likes to act as the CEO business partner. More information can be found here

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