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use 3rd party 3d text animation software

3D-TEXT-MAKER (2) (1).jpg

easy 3d text animations


Create your own 3D text animations using a simple 3D text animation creation software from us.

This software has predefined fonts, text animation styles, editor that allows you to create 3D text animations and export them in mp4 format to play in HOLOFIL displays. You can also export still images of 3D text if that's what you need. If you know how to use Microsoft word you can use this software, it's that simple. Available for both Windows and Mac.

You can use this for changing the content for product promotions, new deals, offers in HOLOFIL displays as well by using mp4 videos of 3D text animations. Below you can see a few examples created in the software including Editor interface in the 3rd picture.

make 3d text in blender

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