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HOLOFIL-cardboard is a consumer focused patented  product based on the HOLOFIL business device. Made of high quality black cardboard material with precise optics and precise design that ships flat and is assembled in DIY format. 


Designed from scratch with a focus on smartphone mobile usage and 3D design learning for kids where the end users will use their personal smart phones in it. A strong aim is to introduce and inspire kids to 3D design ecosystem to let them visualize their 3D design creations in HOLOFIL-cardboard (such as Robotics / Legos) , starting from basic 3d model exploration, 3d animations, and simple 3D game programming in Unity using our sample game framework that you can find on 3d-for-kids page in software section. A lot of 3D content materials exist on Internet and references are available on our website in 3d-for-kids section. 


A game store is released with a few games arelady and more are in pipeline in the coming months. A range of 3D content creation apps as well have been released. Such as 2D to 3D photo frame creation, simple 3D model animations, academic apps for kids etc. that will allow you to also create content for it.


If you are interested to see how cool animations look, also get our sample 3D animation packs (6 pack and 9 pack) to go with HOLOFIL-cardboard. 


The package contains the flat pack cardboard casing, the special glass with multiple coatings, backlight rechargable LED, rechargable Bluetooth controller, extra casing components for redundancy. 


The package has QR code to lead to assembly instructions video for a simple assembly from the components. 


€ 77,00 Regular Price
€ 67,00Sale Price
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