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This is a paid of the Holofil 3D snake game where the snake moves on the 3D cube surfaces eating its prey without hitting the obstacles or itself. With each eat, the snake grows.

There are 5 levels and in each level the number of obstacles on each of the 3D surfaces grow.

You can play it with touch, controller, or using HOLOFIL device with Bluetooth controller for a holographic experience. See the Holofil game store how to use it in Holofil-cardboard consumer device here 


Due to some technical issues with Google playstore, we are allowing you download the installable files directly as below. 

If you want to try a ad based FREE version first before paid version, install from the link below.


Give it permission to install by allowing "Third party apps installation" from your Settings and allow it to install inspite of warnings.  


To get the paid version buy the paid version doing checkout to get an apk installable file to install. Unzip the downloaded file to find an installable apk file. Use it to install paid version. 


Install the FREE version from Apple app store here


Install the PAID version from Apple app store here




Snake 3D HOLOFIL game

€ 3,00Price
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