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augmented reality (AR) 3d model viewer android app

In BETA mode - More coming soon

HOLOFIL will be launching an upgrade of its existing 3D model viewer Android app with Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities and export animation features. Now you can upload your animated / non-animated 3D models in various 3D file formats such as fbx, glb, obj, stl etc. and view them in either 3D model viewer mode or Augmented Reality mode. You can record your interactions and export jpg stills and mp4 recorded animations further. 

Record 3D animated models on different color backgrounds, or turntable 360 degree rotations and use them in our consumer display HOLOFIL-cardboard. Or place the models in Augmented Reality (AR) mode for amazing fun interactions and record them and export to share with your friends. 

HOLOFIL AR Android app with FBX / GLB animation support launching soon. Stay tuned.
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