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This is a 3D version of the Holofil 3D bounce ball game where the ball needs to be kept bouncing by moving the platform below without the ball hitting the ground. 

There are 56 levels and in each level the number of obstacles / speed of the ball increases. 

You can play it with touch, controller, or using HOLOFIL device with Bluetooth controller for a holographic experience. See the Holofil game store how to use it in Holofil-cardboard consumer device here 


We are having some issues with Android playstore, so providing you direct link to install the installable file on your Android phones. Download free version with ads from below and give it permission to install on your mobile from settings "Third party app installations".


To get the paid paid version for Android first make a purchase on this page and it will send you a link to download the direct installable to install on your phone. Give it permission to install during installation. Unzip the downloaded file to find apk file and install apk file giving it permissions to install. 


You can though get iOS version from Apple Appstore. 

Install the FREE version Apple appstore from here


Install the paid version Apple appstore from here


Bounce ball 3D HOLOFIL game

€ 3,00Price
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