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HOLOFIL Blocks 3D is a 3D game inspired from the class game Tetris. Installation links towards end. 


This is a 3D version of the famous Tetris game where you can control different interactions and movements in X,Y,Z axis. 


Your task is to complete a horizontal layer in the transparent cube by filling all the individual units by the incoming random blocks. Once a layer is full it dissolves. You can rotate and move the incoming blocks and you can also rotate the transparent cube to position the blocks. You also get different difficulty levels based on the timing of the incoming blocks from slow to fast.  


There is also a configurable AUTOFILL = ON / OFF assist feature which allows filling of empty holes (configurable number from 1 to 5 holes) in the horizontal layer to help you finish the layer dissolving process, in case you can not fill some hard to reach empty holes. 


You can play it with touch interface, Bluetooth controller interface, or Holographic interface with HOLOFIL-cardboard device. See more here for holographic interface. 


Enjoy the game.


Due to some technical issues with Google playstore, we are allowing you download the installable files directly as below. 


If you want to try a ad based FREE version first before paid version, install from the link below.


Give it permission to install by allowing "Third party apps installation" from your Settings and allow it to install inspite of warnings.  


To get the paid version buy the paid version doing checkout to get an apk installable file to install. Unzip the downloaded file to find an installable apk file. Use it to install paid version. 


iOS free version on Appstore


iOS paid version on Appstore


€ 3,00Price
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