Holographic marketing using HOLOFIL

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

What is marketing? Marketing is a mechanism to generate interest in the minds of the end users about a certain concept, product, idea etc etc. Marketing thus involves identifying the potential end users who might be the recipient of the promotional material and pushing the material through different channels to them.

Various marketing channels include print based marketing vs digital marketing such as social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, ad based marketing, etc. etc. In the retail environment or physical spaces such as events, demos, exhibitions, the marketing material can be using digital signage solutions such as flat screen monitors, tablets, or any kind of 2D screens. Holographic displays are an integral part of this marketing medium where they are used for capturing people's attention and to engage them to create the awareness and user engagement to drive the sales.

Holofil is a great affordable tool in this field because its price is very competitive compared to the well known displays, it has a special optics to improve the visual quality, and its unique design makes it stand out from the range of other solutions. Holofil based holographic marketing offers a unique value proposition to create a marketing channel that can be used by brands to push their content to their audience.

Holofil has been receiving good attention from marketing managers of various corporate companies to see how it can be used to create interesting visual stories to create the brand awareness of various brands. Holographic marketing solutions are there for some time, but their quality is not that good and the prices are relatively expensive. Holofil solves both these problems by offering an excellent quality in an affordable pricing to improve the marketing reach of brands to drive more engagement with their audience.

Holographic marketing using Holofil based solutions is thus a very interesting value propositions for brands to guarantee an improved user engagement as can be seen in the picture below where it attracts crowds like a magnet to drive its message.

Get your holofil today to create the next affordable holographic marketing experiences to improve your user engagement.

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