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Desktop hologram displays for marketing in retail with HOLOFIL

Hologram displays for marketing have been around for some time now. However, they are not yet seen everywhere that often. There are many reasons for that but some of the reasons are some times they are considered too expensive, content creation is too expensive, the size might be too big etc. In this blog post we take a look at Hologram displays or holographic displays and various concepts associated with them around marketing with a focus on retail in the context of HOLOFIL displays.

monster energy hologram promotion

The picture above shows HOLOFIL display with a Monster energy drink promotion still. The Monster energy drink can is a physical object placed inside the display surrounded by projected 3D animation content for marketing of Monster energy brand. See the Youtube video of the same below.

HOLOFIL allows easy access of the internal space to open using a magnetic assembly of side walls to place the physical products to be promoted inside. The content is projected from the top and can be tailored to the needs of the brand under promotion with mapping of images to suit the product placement for the best visual effect.

Many current solutions in the market are not as good as HOLOFIL displays for hologram marketing because they are not designed with the core visualization principles of optics in mind. Hence, the final visual quality is substandard. HOLOFIL uses optimal design for enhancing the depth perception and has the right size to fit in the retail setting, including portability for traveling by fitting in airline carry on bag size limit. The price is incredibly value for money and competative than the others and comes with a support for various type of interactions including interactive content that can be loaded in the display to enhance the experience further.

Being based on Android it can be used as a plaform than just a mere display. It works as a smart Holographic display that allows integration with various developments to add various creative experiences for the client needs. No other display product in this category in the market at the moment offers such a support at such a price.

Check the website for more details and to understand various use cases when it comes to retail marketing, branding, 3d content creation for holograms. The aim is to use Holofil as a hologram display that can trigger creative juices of its users to let them experiment with a ton of different creative choices to explore when it comes to marketing, education, and training. The interactive angle gives rise to use of the display in education and training use cases.

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