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HOLOFIL @ CEBIT 2018 in Hanover, Germany

HOLOFIL exhibited at the famous digital innovation trade show CEBIT in Hanover, Germany between 11th-15th June 2018. CEBIT is one of the most recognized tech exhibition in Europe

with more than 3500 exhibitors and 200k onward visitors.

The HOLOFIL team received a great response from various visitors which were attracted towards the booth for its eye catchy device, which is the main purpose of the device. The HOLOFIL team consisted of Najar and Ahlem and Mrunal.

The HOLOFIL booth was present in AR / VR pavilion section which also had a lot of other companies demonstrating their AR / VR gadgets and also cool content that allowed to integrate virtual content into the physical world. A lot of emphasis in many of these booths were on the education and training section in VR to help expedite the process of development of machinery training, or collaborative development between remote teams by putting them into virtual work together. There were also companies showing physical simulators that would go with the virtual reality headset content application demos, such as roller coaster rides, health fitness etc.

A health fitness virtual reality session under progress.

A roller coaster virtual reality session under progress.

A Microsoft Hololens virtual reality session under progress.

HOLOFIL got a lot of attention which could be seen here in the video ....

We got a lot of inquiries from automobile industry sector, from advertising and marketing agencies, and direct clients. We hope this entire attention would result into further sales to keep our momentum going with more clients and partnerships and more successes in the coming future.

Attending CEBIT was a great opportunity to witness some breathtaking progress in the VR / AR field. HOLOFIL has grand plans to grow in this field and welcomes all types of support / partnerships / and collaborations to help it achieve that goal.

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