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HOLOFIL @ TNW 2018 conference

HOLOFIL was invited to participate in the exhibition floor of the prestigious The Next Web (TNW2018) conference in Amsterdam on May 24th / 25th. The next web attracts a crowd of more than 15000 visitors and exhibits more than 300 startups and has amazing array of activities including world class speakers etc.

The conference had a tech enthusiastic crowd and also attracted a lot of decisions makers of top corporate brands and government organizations including municipalities, libraries, police, etc. There were investors interested to invest in the latest technologies and students visiting to learn new things.

HOLOFIL booth was attended by its team on the two days that included two sales intern, an animation intern, and a sales consultant. The people loved the product and the range of possibilities of various visualizations that were possible with it and various future possibilities of integrating new visualizations with HOLOFIL.

HOLOFIL was also selected for pitching in the Mixed Realities category along with 7 other startups and the pitch was received incredibly well and got a follow up afterwards where people visited us to check out and discuss further. We received a lot of inquiries for possible usage in various ways, and including purchasing from direct clients / re sellers.

HOLOFIL managed to get in touch with some other startups working in the content creation of 3D data such as food restaurant menu and 3D models using photogrammetry and looks forward to

working with them further.

Overall, it was a great success to have got a tons of exposure to the tech community and we have a lot of hopes that this will help HOLOFIL progress further in a fast way.

Thanks TNW for all the great stuff on the offer and providing HOLOFIL the opportunity to showcase.

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