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HOLOFIL-cardboard instructions 


  • First part of the instructions are to assemble the HOLOFIL-cardboard device from its separate parts.

  • The second part of instructions are for how to pair the Bluetooth gamepad controller with your mobile device and use game settings to start playing the HOLOFIL-cardboard games.

  • The third part of instructions are about lighting conditions and brightness and how not to use the device to avoid issues in best visual experience. Optical devices are highly sensitive to lighting conditions. So read carefully. 

  • The fourth part of instructions is about gamepad charging

  • The fifth part of instructions is about the MXPlayer Mediaplayer we recommend to play 3D animations and its settings. 

  • The last part of instructions are guidelines, if you intend to create your own 3D animations for HOLOFIL. 

Do you have glue at home / office?


Before you watch the assembly video instructions, please check if you have any glue which can be used to glue cardboard. If its a thick glue its even better to level out slight uneven surface differences. If you don't have, please buy one. Ensure it can bond paper / cardboard as a material quickly, as some glues will not glue paper / cardboard material, even if they can glue wood, rubber, metal types of materials. 

If you have our early device components, there are two places in the end during assembly for extra strong bond you need to use glue. We would love to ship you a small glue pouch like in the picture above in our package, but transportation rules for packaging does not allow packing glue as it falls under chemical category and then it becomes an issue during postage declaration. 

Update: We have worked to improve the gluing part in such a manner that you do not need to glue the last two parts immediately once you start the construction. And if needed you can use glue even a bit later to reinforce the strong-ness in case our already provided out of the box method does not work. Check if you have components below with the red strong transparent thick tape in your box. This new update is released only after mid-December 2022 afterwards devices, so previous purchases will still have to use the glue. The L shaped pair and the long strip in the picture below earlier needed to be glued at the place where you see the RED tape at the moment because the earlier tape in its place was too weak. With the introduction of these strong thick RED glue tapes for these two components attachment, you will not need a glue to start using the device immediately, but you can use glue later to fix the long strip especially if it starts to rise up due to immense pull on it from curved back paper.

If you notice these tapes are also giving up due to stress, later you can get a glue that can join them. Ensure you clean the components surface to get rid of the tape completely before using fresh glue to attach, so your glue actually directly touches the cardboard surface for best adhesion. The video instructions later will still talk about gluing these parts because the video is also yet to be updated. But if you have these RED tape components, you do not need to immediately glue and just use these tapes to attach. So continue to next steps ignoring if you have glue question,
as its for our older devices construction. before mid-Dec 2022.


Mobile phone holder cut out instructions


Assembly instruction video

For better understanding first watch the entire video before actual assembly, to get an overview. Then before permanently fixing two components during assembly, first just try positioning them to ensure the alignment is perfect like a demo exercise, before you permanently couple them. This will ensure you are not making alignment mistakes. 

READ THIS FIRST PLEASE - The backside curved paper should wrap around nicely on the back side curved edges of the main cardboard casing, without leaving any side gaps through which light might otherwise enter inside the device from backside. We have kept 2 mm extra paper on each edge side to give sufficient width for complete wrapping around the curved edges. Hence, ensure careful symmetrical alignment while wrapping the paper on the side curved edges, before fixing the paper permanently on both the ends of the carboard casing body with the glue at top and yellow tape at bottom. Do a mock exercise of paper wrapping fully correctly with a perfect alignment before permanently fixing the paper to the main body.