HOLOFIL APP / Game-store

HOLOFIL app /game store offers a range of consumer focused 3D content creation apps / 3D games that are specially designed for HOLOFIL-cardboard, our consumer focused product, but can as well be used for our business devices HOLOFIL by the business users.

The apps allow ability to create 3D content that can be further used in our products. The 3D games especially can be installed on your personal mobiles and used interactively with a Bluetooth controller for direct engagement with the device.

At the moment the games are Android only but we are working on to release the iOS versions soon. You can install the games on your Android mobile through the links for the Android play-store under each game. 

face tracking interactivity

HOLOFIL has a face tracking feature which allows interaction with face where as you move in front of the device, the 3D model inside turns around to show you different sides of it in a seamless 3D experience way. 

Build interactive blue-tooth games 

HOLOFIL uses Android which allows you to build interactive games using game engines such as Unity, Unreal to create simple fun interactive Bluetooth controller games. Use them in a mixed reality setup like the shooting chicken game below in our test lab demo setup where the plants inside are real while the chickens and the hunter is virtual. 

holofil-X 3d animation exporter app



Android smartphone app

3d animation exporter

Screenshot_20181111-132653_HOLOFIL X.jpg

Now use the free Android 3D model viewer app to interact with your 3D models on smartphones with a touch interface. Load models in fbx, obj, stl, 3ds, ply, dae format and control their movement, rotation, animation, lighting, and background canvas color.


In the paid version (Euro 2.99) you can also export 360 degree turntable animations in various resolutions in mp4 format. Use free 3D models from Internet marketplaces to create the content that can be used directly in HOLOFIL or for other generic use cases. Check app store for the links to the marketplaces.  Do not forget to rate it and write a review. 



build your own apps using android / unity / unreal studio

HOLOFIL uses an Android based system that allows you to create your own interactive apps, games using Android studio / Unity / Unreal game engine support.  

Experiment with the software stack to create new interesting visualization experiments by building your own Android apps for interactivity. 


how to create 3d animation non-interactive content? (blog-post)

3D-TEXT-MAKER (2) (1).jpg

simple 3d text animations

Create your own 3D text animations using a simple 3D text animation creation software from us. You can use this for changing the content for product promotions, new deals, offers in HOLOFIL.


This software has predefined fonts, text animation styles, editor that allows you to create 3D text animations and export them in mp4 format to play in HOLOFIL. This is really good if you want to use it in shops etc. where you can place 3D text animation on top of your products for promotions. If you know how to use Microsoft word you can use this software, it's that simple. 

scientific 3d data sets

Many scientific data sets are in 3D format and are perfectly suited to visualize in HOLOFIL. Use your scientific 3D data-sets to visualize in HOLOFIL by tuning them to fit into the device visualization requirements. Medical data-sets from MRI scans, CAT scans can also be tuned and visualized in HOLOFIL. The example here is from a laser microscopy data-set. You can use open-source softwares such as Image-J to load sliced datasets of imagery and then output animations that can be played in HOLOFIL. Or you softwares to output 3D models to use in HOLOFIL interactively. 

3d scanned objects

3D scan your 3D models to visualize them in HOLOFIL. We use consumer grade 3D scanners to do 3D scans and then animate them to create 3D visualizations to be presented in HOLOFIL. 3D scanning is very affordable and gives extreme flexibility to present your artifacts be it art, engineering objects, or any other physical object in a more realistic way to your audience. This is a 3D scanned cow from the Cow Museum.

customized 3d content

We can create customized 3D visualizations based on your requirements to create amazing user experiences. Here you see an example customized 3D visualization with micro-organism matter that is a part of a show-reel for show-casing different micro-organisms. The prices for this vary based on the complexity of the content creation.  

softwares to make complex 3D animation content


how to upload / play content in holofil 

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