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Capture attention & boost engagement 

HOLOFIL business hologram display PLATFORM

Inspire young kids to explore 3D ecosystem?      Gift our educational consumer display


Crowdfunded on Indiegogo to raise €15k

Hundreds of devices ordered 


Works with both Android / iPhone

Consumer hologram display

Made in the Netherlands by people with deep scientific backgrounds


New HOLOFIL AR app with 3D animation export launching soon

3D projection hologram display platform for marketing, education, & gaming (Now with Face Tracking AI)

 Platform for creative 3D design experimentation with best visual quality due to design, optics, &  materials. 


Attention capture 
3 times more viewers stop to pay attention to HOLOFIL compared to a flat screen.*


User engagment
Viewers spend 5X seconds watching HOLOFIL compared to X  seconds on a flat screen.*


Up-to 30% Sales rise
By physically placing the retail products inside HOLOFIL with 3D augmented animations. See here

* More than 5000 viewers over a period of 1.5 year in 15 world-wide events



Nominated by Dutch govt in 5 Dutch startups for Indian govt G20 India event (Aug 2023)


€15k crowdfunded on Indiegogo platform with 150 backers (2022)


Three €20k research grants from Dutch govt (2022,2023,2024)

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Winner of AR/VR pitch battle @ IFA Berlin 2023


HOLOFIL business hologram display

Capture attention, create engagement, & increase Retail sales

The curved design and special optics makes HOLOFIL unique compared to its competitors in providing the best visual quality as a hologram display.

Do marketing and branding by combining Retail physical products and 3D animations

Mixed Reality

Interact with your digital products / Create industry 4.0 digital twin interactive trainings  / Play interactive games with Bluetooth / Build your own interactive apps 

Face interaction tech

Free app (3D model viewer)

Use 3D model viewer to load 3D models and explore them.


Paid app (3D animation exporter)

Create your own simple 3D model animations using free 3D models from the Internet to use them in HOLOFIL.


Use HOLOFIL at your home / office desk / reception using the content generated from our Android app

NEW HOLOFIL 3D AR app launching soon


Create your own 3D content with our Android apps

HOLOFIL business device uses Android operating system.

Play HOLOFIL 3D casual games 

HOLOFIL-cardboard, the consumer mobile based hologram display being used to play game.

Holofil snake 3d game _ casual games _ snake 3d _ holographic games _ 3d games
Play Video

Customized 3d animation content services


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jim-stolze (1).jpg

CEO Aigency Netherlands

At Aigency we build artificial intelligence solutions for multinationals. The interface and visualization of data is a key part of this. Working with Mrunal and his team is always a pleasure. HOLOFIL gives it another dimension!


William Duncan

CEO Goblin Grafix USA

Wow absolutely. When it worked I was absolutely speechless for about 5 min. Holofil is a perfect example augmentation Between Art with Functionality and Purpose. Just for that I absolutely love for once I'll say the games can be secondary but this Device makes Presentation come first and foremost. Fantastic Form! Absolutely wow.