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"Exploring the World of Cross Eye 3D: Glasses-Free 3D"

So most of you are familiar with stereoscopic 3D as experienced in a VR headset, but there are other ways to experience the 3D depth effect without a VR headset. In this blogpost we explore the world of Cross eye 3D with a demo video example to show glasses free 3D experiences.

Cross eye 3D is one of the techniques for viewing 3D without glasses by concentrating your eyes to converge at a single point in the middle. Humans see 3D due to our dual eye binocular vision system where each eye sees the same scene with a slightly different perspective, and the brain does the job of simulating depth once both images are received by it through eyes. Technologists try to mimic the same behavior to create 3D depth perceptions in 3D tech. 

A common 3D depth perception technique is called stereoscopy and VR headsets use the same principle to create 3D depth by showing slightly two different views to each eye and the brain perceives the depth. Its the brain doing the job of depth perception because of dual vision of human eye and not a magic of VR headset. This is also an illusion of depth created by human brain and hence is highly personal, because each person perceives depth differently due to perception and biological factors. 3D perception hence is quite difficult as it depends on individual perception. 

Here is a small collection of Mrunal's drone videos from Devgad India converted in cross eye 3D to see stereoscopic depth without glasses. The level of 3D depth varies across various videos due to nature of the camera movement and is collected here in that manner to show different types of movements and difference in the perception. 

If you have not tried it before it will take some practice to get it right. So give it a try. There is a small tutorial in the beginning how to do it. Your eyes will hurt a bit before you get practiced and can see the third picture in the middle with the depth, and then it will be a piece of cake always.

Try on full screen on a bigger screen than mobile for a better depth effect.

Not all videos can be converted in cross eye 3D like this and there are specific types of camera movements only, that can result in better depth effect. 

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