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Share HOLOFOL crowdfunding campaign and earn 10% per sale

You must have seen that we have an ongoing Indiegogo award based crowdfunding campaign for launch of our new patent pending consumer product HOLOFIL-cardboard. We already have hit the initial funding goal of €10k in 7 days with 104 supporters placing a pre-order of 104 devices.

Now since the campaign hit its first funding goal now we are trying to scale it to help it reach more and more people so that we can raise more money by more pre-orders. Do not worry, we have a decent sized inventory already purchased that will help us start shipping as soon as the campaign will finish by end of July 2022.

Would you like to join us to help spread the campaign to your communities and earn 10% reward per sale that was made through your referral? If yes, click on the button below to create an account on Kickbooster our affiliate marketing partner which allows creation of unique referral links that you can then share on your social media / community accounts so that you can earn 10% of each sale that came through your referral. Every time some one clicks on your post and visits our campaign and if a sale is made you get 10% of the sale amount.

Once the process starts, you can track your referrals on Kickbooster in an easy way, where you can see how many people clicked, if a purchase was made, your commission. Its super easy process.

Lets start boosting HOLOFIL-cardboard crowdfunding campaign to see how strong a community you have and how much sales you can make through your marketing efforts.

Lets go .....

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