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Holographic mobile display - HOLOFIL-cardboard - under €100

Have you always wondered what it would be to have a 3D holographic mobile display that works with your mobile phone? Well your wait is over. We are presenting Holofil-cardboard, the patent pending consumer version of our business device HOLOFIL, launching soon through crowdfunding campaign.

HOLOFIL-cardboard is a patent pending 3D holographic mobile display that works with your mobile by projecting 3D content on mobile in our display casing. It is designed to be super affordable with a fully new design from scratch to make it super affordable and easy to ship.

It comes with a fully flat pack version that you can assemble in quick easy steps in 5 minutes. It comes with a range of 3D content creation apps including 3d games that you can play with for lots of interesting use cases. See this page for various games and apps that can go with it. We intend to launch 15 games in total that will be usable with it both for Android and iOS.

Have you always wanted to have a super affordable 3D holographic mobile display that you can experiment with without it being too expensive on your pocket? Try our latest offering from HOLOFIL to see how it amazes you. Try our various games that work even on your mobile phones to see how amazing they are and give you a 3D feel.

Finally HOLOFIL-cardboard is getting launched on crowdfunding where it will be offered at a discount price of around €75, so if you are interested to grab one, please do not delay and get access to the soon to be launching campaign from us. Write to us to inform you when the campaign will get launched.


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