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Holographic retail displays using HOLOFIL / Holography retail display

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Getting attention of clients in retail environment is a huge problem. Huge display window innovation changed the face or retail where retailers could display their merchandise in big glass windows to give a glimpse of the inside of the store to make them stop in their tracks and pay attention. Display window was thus a great innovation in the field of retail which helped the retailers reached to their customers to influence their purchasing habits.

However, as the window displays became common, more novelty was needed to ensure the clients are wowed and stop to take a notice of the new items on display. Holographic displays solve that problem for retail where the retailers can now use holographic solutions to influence the customers to help them engage in a better way so that their purchasing can be influenced.

HOLOFIL is a holographic display that uses mixed reality setup to augment the physical objects inside the display with 3D animation content to create mesmerizing experiences for wooing the customers. Below is an example where two stores in Amsterdam center are showcasing Holofil displays in their retail stores.

The first store is the product pine concept store for hardware products showcasing holofil. And the second store is the duck store which is show-casing two rubber ducks placed inside HOLOFIL surrounded by an augmented duck story ...

productpine concept store hologram display

duck store amsterdam hologram display

(Hologram display by Holofil used to promote rubber ducks in the duck stores of Amsterdam)

HOLOFIL improves the boring waiting time in the queue when the clients are waiting for the payments, or can be used for introducing new concepts in the store to create more interesting viewing experiences for the clients to create a perfect branding experience. By placing a newly launched product in the device and creating some interesting promotions 3D animation content around it, the sales of the product can be improved further by making people more attentive to such products on promotion. Holofil for retail thus solves a very critical problem of promotion of new or old products whose sales needs to be improved drastically by bringing customer's attention on them.

Use HOLOFIL in your retail environment to improve your store's customer engagement experience in turn driving more customer loyalty and improving branding resulting into better sales. Holofil retail hologrpahic display thus can help you solve a very important problem in your retail stores.

Get your holofil retail holographic display today.

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