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Hologram projection mapping to drive customer engagement using HOLOFIL

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Wish you all a very happy new year ... 

We experimented with a holographic projection mapping theme or hologram projection mapping, to see how it looks in HOLOFIL. Projection mapping is a technique where the physical surface of a real object is used as a projection medium to project graphics images. See examples below. Holographic projection mapping involves placing a physical object in the device and then mapping the animation content on its surface.

projection mapping

projection mapping

The video above shows a prisoner stuck in a wooden box trying to get out and finally succeeding to jump above and then celebrating. The wooden box is real while the cartoon character is animated. 

This content was created keeping in mind the scale of the wooden box to match the scale of the cartoon character so that when placed the cartoon character appears physically stuck inside the box. It is better viewed in person as the 3D aspect of inside box is not properly captured in the camera where the depth is not visible. 

A lot of interesting visual projection mapping based themes can be developed in this manner to create great visual stories to keep your users engaged with the correct message in a more entertaining way.  Check more on HOLOFIL website further.

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