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Hologram branding using hologram displays (HOLOFIL)

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

HOLOFIL has been participating in major exhibitions / events across the world where it has been acting like a magnet to attract crowds. In this post we explain our past experience of using HOLOFIL to engage the audience with an everlasting brand impact. Holographic branding and marketing leads to an everlasting visual impact leading to improved user engagement and brand awareness thereby increasing the sales. Hologram based branding and marketing thus leads to an immediate attention grab in any physical events / store and helps boost your brands images in the eyes of the viewer, creating a long lasting impression.

In an exhibition / event setting it is incredibly difficult to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The standard mediums like flat screen TVs etc are no longer a crowd puller as people have got used to this media. A lot of exhibitors / event managers use the holographic pyramids, and LED fan based displays to create the attraction. So an important question to ask is do these holographic solutions for event marketing are better than HOLOFIL based event marketing? Each of them have their own drawbacks where they require costly logistic arrangements, are expensive, are of bad resolution, are bulky, are hazardous if mounted in a wrong way, etc. etc.

HOLOFIL fits this place in the digital signage world uniquely. With two devices side by side creating an unique story that could be displaying the uniqueness of your brand, products, explaining some difficult concept that is otherwise hard to grasp, combine physical and virtual content together to create that wow effect, can be done at a very affordable pricing. Many of our competitors charge almost twice the amount of money than what HOLOFIL device costs for the hardware size that is slightly bigger than our standard sized displays. So if you invest in two HOLOFIL displays and place them side by side not only it attracts as a major crowd puller, but it also creates a unique story where you can display two visual stories, instead of a single one in our competitors slightly bigger sized displays.

Look at some our display configurations in different events we have been to below.

hologram branding at cosmoprof bologna

hologram display branding at vivatech paris

hologram branding at DMWF Amsterdam

hologram marketing at CEBIT

Having these two devices side by side gives an amazing range of possibilities to engage your audience in an unique way to attract the attention of the crowds. HOLOFIL can thus create great unique user experiences for event based marketing.

Typical setups in the two devices could range from one device having a physical object interacting with virtual content, while the other device having a pure virtual content interacting. Or both devices having virtual content, or both having physical and virtual content. The two devices can also be synchronized to create a unique solution where the story flows from one device to another seamlessly.

HOLOFIL thus offers a unique possibility in comparison with our competitors to create great user experiences that creates a great branding impression using the correct marketing exposure to get a return on the investment where you show twice the the amount of content than a single device at more or less similar price and thereby get a double exposure of your brand.

For more pictures check our website to get an idea of the variety of setups we have had in the past. We claim after having been to 15 major international events and having talked with more than 5000 visitors that HOLOFIL captures attention 3 times better than the normal flat screen media and engages users 5 times more, where capturing attention means making a user stop to notice the content, and engagement means watching the content.

HOLOFIL thus is a unique solution that helps your event stay in the memory of your visitors by doing the correct event marketing strategy to push your brand in the minds of your visitors. For more interesting information and how HOLOFIL can be useful for your event and marketing plans, please do contact us at further.

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