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HOLOFIL @ Kinnernet Venice @ H-Farm - What an incredible gathering of amazing people.

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I met Marta one of the organizers of Kinnernet Venice from H-Farm in Viva Tech Paris during a networking event by luck as we both were standing in the pizza line and I could not speak Italian so she helped me understand what the chefs were talking. We ended up speaking and having the networking dinner together where the discussion extended and Marta after listening to all the activities I do invited me to the Kinnernet Conference in Venice, which she called an un-conference, because its not like a traditional conference.

And today I am back from attending it at H-Farm which is an Italian organization based in Venice that is doing great work in innovation, entrepreneurship, education and related aspects. Kinnernet is an invitation only gathering of 200 intellectuals and creatives in different fields such as arts, sciences, technology, media, social science, investment, fashion etc. where leaders in such areas are brought together to do creative brain storming, discussions, workshops, activities and fun activities to get to know each-other and make this world a better place by continuing to form these collaborations and energy afterwards.

It had events such as music night where participants play music in orchestra, gadgethon where they present the gadgets they love, food madness where they cook, ignite talks where they present their ideas in a 15 second per slide with 15 slides presentations, and many workshop sessions where some of the members propose to create interesting topics such as Gender and VC, Future of Work, Creative storytelling, Space exploration, How to live longer and related topics.

There are fun events such as boat rides in Venice lagoon with parties, treasure hunt to explore Venice city to get to know it better, dress up parties like the burning man style, and the last day party where everybody dances (I did photography of people dancing). For more photos see this facebook post

The range of activities and the range of people that gather and the explosion of ideas that you get after discussing various aspects with these mind-blowing brains is simply amazing and there are no words to describe the energy and the positivity about the future of a better world you feel about.

Thank you Kinnernet team and the H-farm team for hosting this great event and offering the opportunity to be in the presence of such world class minds. We need more such people everywhere around us to help make this world a better place and you sure are doing a great job in that direction.

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