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HOLOFIL gets mentioned in list for animations startup from Netherlands in 2021

Here is an exciting news for all. a leading UK based startup aggregator platform mentioned HOLOFIL as one of the top startups from Netherlands in 3D animation field, in their survey article covering innovating startups and companies doing good work in the Netherlands.

Here you can find the full article.

This is an exciting news because at HOLOFIL we strive to provide excellent services for our own hardware device HOLOFIL display, with in-house 3D animation content creation tailored for our device, for our clients. The presence of HOLOFIL in listing along with other 3D animation content providers helps to solidify our position as one of the innovative startups doing good work in 3D visualization field. It is a good validation of our years of hard work to make best looking visual content for our HOLOFIL display, that can create maximum engagement, for the best experience for our clients.

(*The plant and paper on ground is real while the bird is 3D animated - Mixed reality use case)

HOLOFIL is a 3D visualization holographic display that engages viewers up to 5 times better than a flat screen improving the visual experience much better to drive better sales, promotions, branding, and also can be used for education and training. We have shown improvement of up to 30% sales improvement in retail product promotions where HOLOFIL was used for mixed reality use case where physical products were placed inside the display augmented by 3D animations for marketing and branding.

Do check out the article for more related companies doing work in the Netherlands in 3D animation field and also do check our HOLOFIL website for checking out our 3D animation content for our HOLOFIL display device use cases for our clients.

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