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Face tracking 3D model viewer app upgrade released

HOLOFIL has released its latest upgrade to its premium 3D model viewer and animation exporter app on the Android play store where you can interact with the 3D models using your face movement.

The above screen-shot shows a eagle in action that turns as you turn your head in different directions when the face tracking mode is enabled. You enable the face tracking mode by clicking the Face icon in the right corner. You can control the sensitivity of the face tracking using the tuning bar in the center. When its on the left the turning of the model will be minimal while when it will be to the extreme right, the turning will be maximum.

This upgraded feature is available only in the paid release which you can find here.

This paid release also has a feature that allows exporting a simple 3D turntable animation in different resolutions by clicking the camera button in the menu (the 4th button).

The export animation functionality has two tuning parameters. The number of rotations and the speed of rotation. You can see a preview with the preview icon and then export in different resolutions further.

Having the ability to interact with the 3D models in different ways is an important functionality and by loading your 3D models in HOLOFIL app now you can use it in a more engaging way further.

If you would like to just get a feel of the free 3D model viewer app with ads enabled, you can install it from the playstore here.

So install it, give feedback to use about what you think about it, give it a rating and review on the play-store and let the word spread in the community.

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