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Top-Level Hologram Display: The Science behind Quality vs Cheap

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

When you type Hologram display on Google you will be greeted by thousands of images and entries of what is commonly termed as the Pepper's ghost projection technology that is quite easy to get running quickly to create a basic projection. In this post we explain you the science behind Quality vs Cheap when it comes to top level hologram displays.

A common found solution is hologram pyramid kept on a mobile phone with some imagery projected from the phone that appear in air, projected on a transparent pyramid shaped plastic material. See the example below with a jellyfish video being played from a cell phone

hologram display

Getting some thing like this working is super easy, but it is not some thing best that can be achieved for this kind of projection technology. The above projection effect is termed as Pepper's ghost projection. If one wants to create a perfect product using this projection tech, a lot of science goes behind it that includes the right choice of the materials for projection and the casing around the materials, the right type of brightness from the projection medium, the right content that can be used for display projection, the ambient light and its effect on projection and shielding the projection from the ambient light for the best visual effect, the type of diplay in use to play the media to be projected, the ability to interact with the projection.

HOLOFIL at its fundamental uses Pepper;s ghost projection but incredibly fine tuned with a proprietory optical coating that gives the ultimate sharpness and contrast, with a specially designed optical casing for maximum impact for visual quality, the design for enhancing the depth perception, the right brightness medium to play the media, and many other tunings, that ensures scientific quality for the visuals on the display.

The difference between a proof of concept and a finished product can be considered in this context where the above inverted pyramid is more like a proof of concept to start building a real product, while the final product is created by scientific principles, taking into account various variables in optical settings for the best visual quality. In optics materials play a massive role for the perfect optical environment, and quality materials are not cheap.

It's like all cars run on internal combusion engines, which come in different shapes, sizes, power, but at their heart they are all internal combusion engine. If you really want a strong powerful car with great performance, however, you need an engine that has best of everything. So that's the difference between a cheap hologram display vs a quality one.

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