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Holographic cosmetics using HOLOFIL

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

HOLOFIL was invited as a technology partner to create the concept store of the future in the Cosmoprofawards by Cosmoprof Bologna, in Italy. Cosmoprof is the largest exhibition in the world for the beauty and cosmetics industry. Dr. Mrunal Gawade, the founder of HOLOFIL also gave a talk during the panel discussion on beauty and retail which saw a full packed audience.

Cosmetics industry uses many individual products which need promotion and marketing to draw attention of the consumers in the retail space or during events, exhibitions, demos etc. HOLOFIL with its mixed reality setup where physical products can be placed inside the device acted as a magnet to draw crowds to see the promotions of some cosmetics products such as nail polish

Below is the photo of the concept store setup with HOLOFIL occupying one of the positions.

The bottle on the right is a physical bottle of Indigo nail polish that is used as a promotion with a girl dancing around it in a virtual way. This is called Mixed Reality where physical and virtual objects are combined to work together to create interesting novel experiences. Any physical product that can fit into the HOLOFIL device size can be thus used to create mixed reality promotions for the cosmetics and beauty industry.

If you do not want to put physical products inside then a complete virtual experience can be created like a showreel of a range products that can be showcased in HOLOFIL one by one to make the visitors understand the range of offerings.

Below is the link to the 10 minute talk and presentation by Mrunal on the beauty and retail topic that provides more insights into HOLOFIL and some applications in beauty industry further.

HOLOFIL had a successful show at Cosmoprof Bologna between 14th to 18th March 2019 in the concept store of the future exhibition area. Other companies involved in the concept store can be seen here

If you are in Cosmetics industry and would like to know more about how HOLOFIL can be useful for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us further to help you understand more.

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