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ReactImpact to offer Austria / Swiss distribution for HOLOFIL

HOLOFIL founder Dr. Mrunal Gawade was invited to an exclusive event in Vienna, for the launch of the ReactImpact services in the visual experience industry in Swiss / Austria area. ReactImpact offers various visual experiences using their projection mapping solutions for their clients along with a range of their artists, who can create different artistic experiences. ReactImpact will be the distributors of HOLOFIL in the area.

HOLOFIL is a perfect fit for such events to show-case a range of visual experiences targeted towards improving the engagement of the audience with various engaging themes. React impact offers a variety of visual solutions targeted towards event management using their projection mapping services using rotating mirror head projection scheme. One such mirror head can be seen in the photo above attached on the front of the projection lens.

In a rotation mirror head scheme the projection mapping keeps on changing across a surface as the mirror moves in a pre-programmed manner to lighten up different areas of the event. Its quite popular to draw attention since the images move and are no more static confined to a specific space. With the advent of Christmas celebrations in case you are interested to check out them, please see the website of ReactImpact here.

Projection mapping itself is quite mesmerizing to draw attention of a massive crowd. It is often used in many light festivals throughout the world. The most famous being "Vivid Sydney " light festival where the Sydney Opera House is used as a projection surface for interesting visual experiences.

The main idea thus is using visual themes to create interesting experiences for the audience so that they are amazed by the range of possibilities for various creative works that can be displayed.

Projection mapping or holography or other forms of visual mechanisms thus act as a trigger to get people interested for drawing their attention towards various creative works. With the new partnership with the ReactImpact, HOLOFIL aims to focus on the event and the visual experience industry as such for making inroads into them.

If you are from the Swiss / Austria area now you know how to get yourself a demo of HOLOFIL and how to see it in action. Please contact our distributor ReactImpact if you have any further inquiries about setup etc.

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