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Android HOLOFIL 3D model viewer app (free / paid) released

Android 3D model viewer app is released in the Android play-store today by HOLOFIL. While doing a 3D scanning experiment in Oct 2017 we realized Android lacked a good quality 3D model viewer with an easy user interface and robust behavior. The quest to build a good 3D model viewer app was rooted then.

Today, we released the a HOLOFIL free and paid version of 3d model viewer for Euro 2.99 in the Android play store. This version supports loading of 3D files in the format FBX and Obj. The poly models could be quite high, upto 1M polygons, but if they are too high, the mobile hardware has its own limit and then to load such models you can reduce the number of polygons and load them again.

Free (ads) version install

Premium version install

The app supports loading of 3D models and then exploration of the 3D models using rotate, move, zoom actions. You can control the lighting, and the brightness of the models. You can control the canvas colors to have multiple background colors. You can also load FBX models with animations and interact with them using touch controls further.

This is one of the only few 3D model viewers on Android apps that allows inbuilt FBX animation support.

This app is a lightweight version of the full fledged HOLOFIL device app that allows bluetooth interactivity for the interactive control of the device from a remote distance.

The app is designed and developed in Unity 3D. We will roll out a free version of the android app soon that will have ads support. Our hope is that this app will bring 3D community visibility to HOLOFIL to create a better branding effect to push the HOLOFIL device further.

Android lacks a good 3D model viewer and there are only a couple of them that exists on the playstore. This is our attempt to provide a service to the 3D community and create a branding proposition for HOLOFIL to get more visibility and trust in the 3D community usage.

So install the app, use it, rate it, write review, give us feedback about what you think and how we can improve it further. Happy 3D model viewing :-)

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