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Why 3D printing companies should partner with HOLOFIL?

3D printing community can use HOLOFIL based 3D visualization solutions in a good way to visualize their 3D models before they are printed and thus HOLOFIL can act as a partner with 3D printing companies to show case 3D visualized content before it becomes a reality. HOLOFIL will be attending a 3D manufacturing exhibition at Eindhoven in March 2018 to discuss possibilities for mutual collaborations and use of HOLOFIL in the 3D manufacturing industry to visualize the 3D content in an interactive way before its printed.

Imagine a scenario where your 3D models get visualized in HOLOFIL before getting 3D printed, where HOLOFIL is positioned next to the 3D printer while the 3D model is being printed on the printer. HOLOFIL offers an affordable and portable way for 3D printing industry to visualize their 3D models and can act as an extra attraction for the users of 3D printers when 3D printing companies sell their printers. It's a holographic 3D visualization of the 3D models.

Miro Svetlik is founder & CEO of Contentwise, the company from Belgium also working on the 3D printing tool-bot, Miro is active into different technology areas including 3D modelling, design, technology, cryptocurrencies etc.

Contenwise will be handling the reselling of HOLOFIL in the Belgium market for retail customers and will be doing demo's for HOLOFIL to interested clients in Belgium. Miro will be also providing consulting for using HOLOFIL in new ways for targeting consumers etc.

Looking forward to new collaborations, opportunities and clients to arrive from this new partnership with Contentwise.

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