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HOLOFIL at Uprise Startup Festival, Dublin

Mrunal was invited as a mentor to the Uprise Startup Festival in Dublin, where the event happened over a period of 2 days. Uprise is a startup festival focused on people and connecting them with a focus on the European startups.

On October 25th evening there was an evening opening event for mentors and exhibitors only where a lot of networking was done to connect with new people and get to know new areas.

The main event was on October 26th, from 9.30 am onwards. Housed in RDS conference venue in Dublin, the festival attracted a good range of visitors and saw HOLOFIL getting a lot of visibility as Mrunal talked with a lot of people who gave good feedback, and advise on the branding, marketing, strategy aspects. Potential opportunities for clients were sought and new connections were made to see progress of HOLOFIL.

HOLOFIL is being received well in different sectors and such event participation is one of the major ways to get inroads and visibility into its growth.

Thank you Uprise team for all your hard work and such a great event and this opportunity.

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