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Why Microscopy companies are using HOLOFIL for visualizations of their 3D data sets?

Laser confocal microscopy is a segment which generates 3D datasets output which are traditionally visualized using 2D flat screens. However, this does not create a good impact for better appealing engagement from customers when they see it. HOLOFIL based holography type 3D visualizations can solve the problem by providing a 3D visual solution for immediate attention from customers to create a more engaging presence when the data is demonstrated in exhibition booths, expos, in client demos etc.

The confocal microscopy is a very interesting scientific segment because they already have 3D datasets generated from their microscopes and they just need to be visualized for a better visual appeal. Microscopy companies looking for a better display solution for their 3D datasets should thus find HOLOFIL a very affordable and portable solution as they can generate a HOLOFIL required content in 5 minutes by doing some tuning, and then have their visualizations ready in no extra time. Holography based visualization solutions are thus a game changer for confocal microscopy companies.

Luxendo is a German company focused on Microscopy. They generate 3D data-sets of scanned objects. Luxendo will be using HOLOFIL for visualizing their 3D data-sets for making it more attractive during exhibition booth demos etc.

In the video above you see one such 3D data set that will be visualized in HOLOFIL.

Welcome Luxendo to our growing list of clients. With Luxendo as a client, HOLOFIL enters into the German market now.

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