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HOLOFIL interactive model is designed for interacting with your raw 3D models by loading them in our interactive app with Bluetooth controller as well as showcasing your 3D content animation stories projected to created amazing visual user experiencs combined with physical objects to create mixed reality experiences. 


The package contains the display with tablet, Bluetooth controller, and Bluetooth interactive app for interactive control.  Weighs around 4kgs. 


This is a HD resolution (1080 x 720) model and works in both non-interactive and interactive mode where you can watch the 3D visual holographic content like movies. The content is 3d model animations that are exported in mp4 format and are played in a loop in an android movie player in the device. 


In the interactive mode you can load 3d models in the device and then interact with them using a bluetooth controler for turning, moving, zooming. etc. It can also play a fbx supported animation. 

See the demo movie above to get an idea. 


This package includes the HOLOFIL base model + bluetooth controler + interactive application for remote interactivity that allows 3d model exploration including motions such as rotation, move, zoom. 

HOLOFIL interactive - Bluetooth controller

€ 899,00 Regular Price
€ 824,00Sale Price
  • We ship all over the world. The shipping prices and times vary based on the region.


    The shipping price consists of a packing + shipping fee. Packing fee is 20 euros and shipping fee varies based on the destination. For within Netherlands shipping fee is 15 euros, within EU it is 33 euros, and any where in the world it is 80 euros. Shipping times within Netherlands are two business days, within EU are 5 business days, and in the rest of the world is typically 15-20 business days (excluding customs delays). 


    We assemble the devieces from components once an order comes in.  Please give 4-5 business days for a full assembly (including gluing) and thorough testing before its shipping ready. 


    If you would like you can also choose pick in office option and save on the shipping fees. 


    VAT of 21% is applicable for shipping within Netherlands and for the rest of the world outside EU it is not applicable.  If you are an EU business with a VAT number, please do not buy online, but contact us to generate an invoice to you to pay using online banking, so you do not pay the VAT. 

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