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HOLOFIL-X -  3D animation exporter Android app for smartphones

Check below for installation instructions.


Do you like holograms? Check our consumer display here   


For best results put all your files (such as model, material, textures, etc.) in a single directory and compress it to create a single zip file for e.g., and upload this single zip file in the app to interact with the model. 


HOLOFIL Android 3D model viewer and animation exporter app has the following features.

1. Load 3D models in FBX, Obj, STL, Glb, Gltf.
2. Rotate, move, zoom /scale models
3. Control light brightness
4. Control light orientation
5. Control the background color
6. Load animated FBX models and pause them
7. No ads
8. Supports face tracking to control the movement of 3D models
9. Supports 360 degree turntable animation export in HD and higher formats in MP4 format for a small fee.
10. Supports upto 1M polygons
11. Might not work on some mobile phones (Please contact us if it does not)

Install HOLOFIL-X from the Google  playstore


Have you checked out our latest 2D to 3D photo frame app that allows to convert your 2d photo in a 3D canvas mounted photo with a frame?

Upload a 2D photo and export a 3D model of a canvas mounted 3D photo frame. Animate it in HOLOFIL-X to use in Holofil device further. 


Have you checked out our latest 3D snake game that is launched under HOLOFIL Game store?

HOLOFIL plans to release 15 new games / apps that can be played on our regular mobile phone as well as in the HOLOFIL consumer device. Check our first game HOLOFIL-snake-3D here

HOLOFIL-X - 3D animation exporter Android app for smartphones

€ 2,99Price
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