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Retail marketing and Hologram displays

Retail store windows are the best place to do retail marketing for brands to get attention of passing by people to lure then in the stores to be able to sell to them. Do you know why you do not see retail store windows doing marketing with Hologram displays? Hang on as we explain that in this blog post.

retail store and hologram displays marketing

Retail stores with display windows are always usually on the roads in the outdoor environments unless the stores are in shopping malls where there is no direct sunlight but only indoor lights. The sunlight is always too bright for most displays including your regular TV screens, monitors, phone, tablet screens, as these displays by their design have been designed for usage in indoor environments.

The screens that are used as digital signage in the retail stores facing outdoors are usually specially made to have very high brightness and are therefore considerably more expensive as they use special technology to create very high brightness, so the onlookers can see them even in very strong day light.

The hologram displays of any kind that are available in the market usually do not have very high brightness and are limited to indoor usage mostly. If the hologram displays are placed in an outdoor setting the brightness of sun will wash out any brightness of these displays making them not visible and defeating their main purpose, which is to create visual engagement.

Retailers are always involved in various types of new promotions to get the attention of people from road to enter their stores using various types of marketing campaigns. Holographic displays can definitely create that excitement once the brightness issue is resolved, until then they are confined to the indoor setting to create the wow experiences.

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