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Make your events exciting with HOLOGRAM displays

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Events are special purpose occasions when you want to showcase the best ability to engage your guests to drive home the message, be it a promotion, marketing, new launch, story telling, get togethers, or any other type. We give some ideas to make your events exciting with hologram displays in this blog post.

Many events are focused on product launches or new announcements of some major milestones in a professional setting. The traditional media such as projection screens, tv displays and various types of content that goes with it has worked in the past, but if you want to get even better wow factor, some new techniques such as using Holograms to showcase your story, products can work best.

At HOLOFIL one of our core focus is to drive engagement of visitors with cool content that is created for various events that can be used by the even organizers for engaging with the visitors. We keep on getting requests for interesting product launches from around the world, visual story telling of complex concepts, core theme to convey messages of companies and many other themes.

events marketing with hologram

In the image above the bird is 3D animated while the tree is physically present. The intention is to show the bird moving around a physical object. Replace the tree with any other physical object and the bird with any other type of 3D animation that matches the theme, and you have a cool engagement display. People will get drawn towards it to see what its showing.

hologram mixed reality

Such mixed reality experiences where physical objects are combined with 3D animation virtual content, creates an incredible visual experience drawing people towards these displays which is next to impossible to achieve using traditional visual medium such as flat screens, projectors etc.

Creativity is the limit and if you can come up with interesting visual concepts and can make the content yourself, nothing greater than that. Hologram marketing for events is a really great way to engage with your audiences to help focus their attention on a single point of attention, and drive the message. This is almost next to impossible to achieve using the traditional themes like TV screens, projection etc. as no one pays attention to them.

But with a display like HOLOFIL people are drawn towards them with a curiosity that starts the process of engagement to drive the conversations. Try it. It works. Contact us for your events.

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