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Hologram 3D games for kids for iOS / Android ? HOLOFIL 3D casual games for kids

Updated: Jan 17

Casual mobile games are those games which are super simple to play in terms of their game play without complicated scenes, environments, and can be picked up for playing during your in between boredom moments to kill time and to keep you busy and forgotten and played again when needed. Below we showcase some of our own Hologram 3D games for Android / iOS designed for our display device Holofil-cardboard. If you remember the classic 2d games, these are the creative hologram 3D classic games designed for kids inspired from the old 2d games, for both Android and iOS.

They are basically casual in their relationship with the player in terms of the engagement. That does not mean they are boring, because the aim of these games are to kill your boredom.

HOLOFIL has released a range of these 3D casual games now recreated in their 3D version from their classic 2D versions. Games such as 3D snake, Tetris, Pachuman, Bouncing ball are already released and many more are in planned release.

These are designed with Holofil-cardboard our holographic simulation consumer device in mind, so when you install them on your mobile and connect with Bluetooth gamepad controller, you can play them to simulate holographic casual game experience.

See some of the screenshot below of the gameplay look. The links to install is at the bottom.

3D snake Android / iOS mobile game

3D snake hologram game

3D Tetris Android / iOS mobile game

3D tetris hologram game

3D Bounce ball Android / iOS mobile game

3D ping pong hologram game

3D Pachuman Android / iOS mobile game

3D pacman hologram game

We are going to release many such 3D casual games for both iOS and Android mobiles. You can find installation links for both of these at our game-store here.


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