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Holography display / holographic display at CES 2019 - HOLOFIL

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

HOLOFIL exhibited in CES Las Vegas between 8th to 11th Jan 2019. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the most prestigious electronics hardware trade show on the planet with a visitor count of more than 180,000 and 4500 exhibitors from all over the world. HOLOFIL is a holographic display device / holography display device that is used to capture attention and engage users upto 5 times better than a flat screen.

Below are the two interns from Las Vegas business school that helped us in the booth management.

CES is where many hardware companies in the world tend to launch there new products. It is spread over a massive area that is geographically distributed across various exhibition halls on the Strip in Las Vegas convention center and the Sands Expo exhibition halls in one of the famous big casinos. CES has an area only for startups called EurekaPark where more than 1100 startups participate to show-case their soon to be launched or just launched products.

There are individual country pavilions where startups sponsored by individual countries show-up. The French pavilion was the biggest with around 200 startups. French government is providing a lot of grants for startups and all these startups were given free booths to participate by the French government. There was also a Dutch pavilion with 50 startups from the Netherlands. There were a couple of other groups like Israel, etc. There were also University booths to show-case innovations from universities. A lot of hardware was on display including the one that was soon to be launched. Even though it is not restricted to hardware only companies, as software is also on display, but its prominently a hardware event.

HOLOFIL had a very good booth location at the entrance only and the booth setup can be seen above. HOLOFIL had sought help of local business students from the University of Las Vegas Nevada to assist in the event management and had two Mexican student volunteers helping out during the days of the event. They also got some of their friends to help out on the other days.

CES is massive and the number of visitors just does not stop so if you are planning to attend CES

as an exhibitor be well prepared to handle the influx of never ending visitors. HOLOFIL had one of the busiest booths in the EurekaPark area as told by many visitors later during our mail conversations. People were seen crowding and taking video's and photos of the two devices on the display. We ran out of more than 2000 flyers and similar number of business cards. Collected massive number of leads and got tons of interest. HOLOFIL presence at CES as a holographic display was thus successful. Many people were drawn to HOLOFIL's holographic display abilities and mixed reality visualizations.

The quality of the people visiting is much better than most other exhibitions we have attended so far.The entrance ticket prices start at $100 and raise to $300 in the last month. The higher ticket prices ensure only serious people attend and you do see that during the visitors profile.

HOLOFIL had an amazing CES response where people praised the quality of our displays. Congratulated us for offering an affordable hardware in the world of AR / VR hardware where people can experiment and play with it. Hopefully this will result into a much improved traction for HOLOFIL to generate some good sales and helps establish the brand in a better way in the US market.

CES is massive and if you plan to be there its important that you have at least some experience of exhibiting in some other fairs before to understand the magnitude of the visitor flow you get to be able to handle it effectively. If you are interested to attend and would like any advise please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to assist you with any consultation.

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