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HOLOFIL @ DMWF Digital marketing conference to showcase its hologram project

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

HOLOFIL was invited to showcase in the DMWF digital marketing conference in Amsterdam on 19th-20th September. Thanks to the introduction by Alexandra Belicova from startupAmsterdam.

Holofil showcased its hologram project at the DMWF conference.

The conference attracted around 600 attendees from various corporate channels and focused on marketing / sales department decision makers of various brands such as Volkswagan, ING, Heineken, Tesla, etc.

Capturing attention during events for promotional messages or branding is always a challenge for companies. HOLOFIL is well suited for such activities as also observed during DMWF conference event where the attendees stopped to take a notice of the device and the content being played inside it. They were amazed by it and that served the purpose of having such a device at such a conference event in the first place.

We got a lot of amazing response from various marketing heads / sales / CEOs and they discussed how they can use HOLOFIL in their application use cases. Digital marketing using 3D visualizations is one of the best ways to promote products and HOLOFIL can help in great ways to achieve that. Creating visual stories to send the correct marketing message to the end user can be done amazingly well in HOLOFIL.

The mixed reality experience car demo of HOLOFIL was a major hit where the car is provided a protection by animated capsule. The car is real but the rest of the content is augmented. See below. This is called Mixed Reality experiences where the physical product could be your product that needs to be promoted, while the rest of the content around it can be the animation content.

Mixed reality experiences using HOLOFIL can be achieved to promote various products to capture the audience's attention in novel ways. The affordability of 3D holographic visualization using HOLOFIL allows brands to launch their marketing campaigns by having HOLOFIL devices placed strategically at various retail locations.

The devices can be also used in the lobbies, receptions, waiting areas to promote messages and to tell video stories. Content creation is also done in an affordable way, so the right content can be pushed to create amazing stories for various clients.

Digital marketing using HOLOFIL can be achieved to make sure your marketing message is received by the correct audience and provides the return on investment in terms of the increased sales. Brands can use the novel visualization abilities provided by HOLOFIL to implement their marketing strategies in HOLOFIL to increase their brand penetration.

We always look for new interesting ways to create new partnerships for HOLOFIL to work with new brands and to help them build innovative digital marketing campaigns. HOLOFIL wants to create an affordable ecosystem for brands to send the correct message to their audience, for a more effective digital marketing execution.

Check out various content on our website to get a feel of how HOLOFIL can be useful for implementing your digital marketing strategy using its novel 3d holographic visualization. Please contact us at for more information .

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